7 Virtual Internship Opportunities: Launch Your Career to New Heights

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7 Virtual Internship Opportunities: Launch Your Career to New Heights

Here at Absolute Internship’s blog space, we frequently discuss the various benefits of virtual internship opportunities. There’s just so many, and we are deeply jazzed about them! But something we rarely cover, is what exactly you may be doing at that internship. 

We understand that for many, the fear of not knowing can sometimes keep them from exploring new things, so allow us to squash some anxieties and give you a taste of what you might do depending on the industry you intern in. Here are 7 Virtual Internship opportunities and what you can expect to work on.

Virtual Marketing Internships

During a potential virtual internship in marketing, one might expect to work on a variety of things ranging from assisting with (virtual) events, or even content creation depending on the specific industry. If marketing for a company that desires a social media presence, it’s wholly possible the intern may work on content creation and strategy for the company TikTok or Instagram. 

Interns may also go a more data driven route, working on email marketing, market research and seo optimization (an important skill to learn in general). Either way, the intern is very likely to  collaborate with a group in order to build relationships and practice real world application of their creative and data driven skills and interests. 

 Virtual Internship Opportunities

Virtual Sustainability Internships

A virtual internship in the sustainable and environmental industries would explore a range of tasks aimed at promoting and implementing sustainable practices within a company or organization (maybe even a full city!). 

The most basic and surefire task you will be embarking on is research and analysis, so if it isn’t quite your strong suit, this isn’t the industry for you. You are also likely to conduct reporting on sustainability as well as assisting in assessing the environmental impact of an organization in order to get a baseline for future decisions. You will work to communicate across various teams in order to implement sustainable practices, perhaps even making blog posts or content for the company to learn more about those practices specifically. 

Regardless of what your virtual internship decides, you will very likely be developing your researching, and communication skills during your sustainable virtual internship. 

Virtual Finance Internships

While less common in virtual spaces, finance internships are still very possible to be online, and the tasks you will complete are still just as exciting and rewarding. You may be asked to assist in a financial analysis, perhaps even inputting data entry and managing it. You are very likely to work on a fair amount of data and reporting, often assisting those in charge with financial reports, presentations and documents for internal and external stakeholders. 

On a different side, it’s possible you may go the more banking route, working on virtual customer interaction, online banking services, or even operations. This all depends on the company of course, though regardless of who you work with, you must seek guidance where needed, ask questions,m and demonstrate your commitment to learning. 

Virtual Information Technology Internships

Fire up your keyboards! During a virtual internship in information technology, interns will participate in coding and programming tasks, working on software applications, features, and bugs, using coding programs (if that’s the avenue you’ve gone down) like Python, Java, C++ etc. 

If the intern goes a different route, away from strictly coding, they may find they are working on software for our mobile phones, the apparatus doctors use to diagnose diseases, or perhaps even working on cyber security. Information technology is often thought of as a fairly isolated industry, but for a virtual internship, be prepared to collaborate and learn a lot from your colleagues. 

Virtual Creative Arts Internships

So you’ve secured the illusive creative arts  virtual internship, huh? Creative arts  internships have become more popular and come with some very exciting tasks. 

Within a creative arts organization, you’ll likely discover yourself engaged in a wide spectrum of imaginative tasks. These include contributing to the creation of captivating visual content, assisting with artistic projects spanning various mediums such as painting, sculpture, digital art, or even multimedia installations. 

In a virtual creative arts internship, your role might extend to the realms of writing as well, involving crafting artist profiles, exhibition descriptions, or blog entries, all tailored to the unique character of the company and the artistic domain.

Virtual Legal Internships

The field of law is experiencing a dynamic surge, drawing the attention of aspiring young professionals across the world.

If you choose to go for a virtual legal internship, you could be conducting legal research, drafting legal documents, and contributing to case analysis. You could find yourself using legal databases and resources to support your team. Collaborative work is integral to this field, particularly as you collaborate on legal strategies and gain expertise in this specialized domain.

Alternatively, you might choose to explore the avenue of legal technology, focusing on enhancing user interfaces for legal platforms or optimizing digital tools that streamline legal processes.

Be prepared for feedback. Feedback and collaboration are very important aspects of this industry so be ready to really focus on these skills!

Virtual Healthcare Internships

Virtual healthcare internships can be a fascinating experience to embark on. Interns are likely to engage in tasks and projects related to the healthcare industry focusing on various aspects of healthcare administration, patient care, research and support services. 

Huge at the moment is working and assisting with telehealth. Interns will help facilitate virtual patient appointments, managing schedules, and provide any technical support the patient may need. The billing department might also be placed where a virtual intern may assist which would allow you to learn more about the financial side of healthcare. 

Not for you? There are also virtual internships where you may be expected to work in patient advocacy, specifically navigating healthcare services, providing information and general support. Healthcare has a very broad virtual internship experience, so be prepared for almost anything. 

While we cannot necessarily perfectly predict what you may experience in your virtual internship, this guide will help you with what you can generally expect. Be ready to try, try, try, and have a wonderful time! 

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