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How to Partner with Absolute Internship

Program Options

Absolute Internship focuses particularly on designing internship programs that allow your students to step out of their comfort zone, gain insight into their industry of interest in an international work environment, connect with industry leaders, and build their own professional networks.

Standard Onsite Programs

Our award-winning onsite programs allow students to intern in 11 different locations for 4, 8 or 12 weeks. We recommend this service as it is all-inclusive: we provide program support, internship placements, housing, cultural activities, visa support, a local transportation pass, company visits and career development workshops, as well as on-site Program Coordinators living in the same housing as the Absolute Interns and available to assist them 24/7.

Placement Only

Another option for your students is the Internship Placement Only service. This option is offered year-round in all of our locations, for as long as the corresponding visa permits. In this case we provide internship placements and regular check-ins with the student and employer over the course of the internship. We would be able to provide visa information as well, however each intern would be responsible for processing their own visa, finding housing, and organizing the details of their time abroad.

Remote Internship Programs

A remote internship is a project-based internship experience that students can undertake from a remote location, without the need to be physically present at the office during office hours. Students will be embarking on an international experience at no travel cost, completing their work without a commute and directly from their own laptop. Remote internships will prepare students for the future, allowing them to market themselves to future employers, prove their worth remotely, and kick-start their international career from anywhere.

Custom Programs

Finally, we offer the possibility of creating a customized program. Depending on your needs, we can create a program with specific dates, inclusions, destinations, industries, activities, etc., provided that there would be a guarantee of at least 10 participants. Absolute Internship is able to offer exclusive prices on our services to all of our partner institutions.

Faculty-led Programs

In the customized programs, there may be different types of faculty involvement:

  • Faculty On-site: Absolute Internship welcomes a faculty member for the whole duration of the program to either accompany the students, support students with orientations and check-ins, teach a course, lead the group or all of these reasons together.
  • Faculty Part-time: Absolute Internship welcomes a faculty member just for a period of the program, usually to supervise the program or as an extra support for the students.
  • Faculty Remotely: We have a faculty member supporting the students from their home country during the program.

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