Events in Paris

The Paris Internship Program provides exciting weekend events in order for you to make the most out of your time living in France and Europe. Although you will be working during the day, these events aim to give you full advantage of what the city has to offer. Even though your internship is the most important, it’s essential that you take advantage of living abroad.

Guided Tour of the City

Get to know the romantic French capital! A tour guide will join the program and show around the best spots, most of them you will recognize from the movies. This is a great way to explore Paris and get to know the many charming districts of your new home.

Day Trips

While in the program, you will have the chance to explore other areas and villages nearby. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in the French countryside area as well as experience the beauty and its historical Château de Versailles.

Cultural Visits

As part of the program, you have the opportunity to get to visit the Paris’ finest architecture, museums and art scene, such as Le Louvre, Musée d’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou.

After Work Activities

To immerse yourself in the French lifestyle, there are so many fun activities that you can join in your free time. Taste the best crêpes and macarons, walk around the lovely Montmartre or go shopping in Galeries Lafayette. The possibilities are endless!

Unsponsored Events

We want to help you build friendships and get acquainted with your new city. To help you, our Absolute staff will be planning unsponsored events for the entire group every week. These events are voluntary, but we recommend that you attend these as they will make sure that you will get to know your new city and the other interns on the program.

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