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Work, Travel, Adventure

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When I imagined my summers of college I envisioned myself with a backpack that weighed roughly the same as a small child wandering around Europe. I’m very happy to say I’ve had my share of wandering, but with help from Absolute I was able to swap the backpack for a suitcase and wandering for exploring with a map.

The most important part of this entire experience for me has been the integration not only of travel and adventure, but also solid work experience. I know ahead of me lays so many different career paths with obstacles and turns along the way. With the career events provided by Absolute and my internship, I’ve learned more about myself and what I like to do. It also doesn’t hurt that I was able to learn about my work style with Big Ben in the background.

countryside LondonTaking advantage of the fact that I can try out all of the skills I’ve been learning in college will help me with my education when I go back to school.

Amidst all of the working and learning, I certainly did not miss any opportunities to travel. Nearly every weekend was spent in a different part of the UK and Europe. If at first I came as a tourist, I fell I am leaving as a bona fide world traveller. Whether it be Paris, Brussels, or Scotland, every time I went to a new place, I felt I was learning more about what it meant to be me and how I wanted to interact with the world around.

This experience is whatever you want it to be. The Absolute team will let you create an experience that suits you. That would be my advice to any incoming interns; there are endless possibilities pick the ones that are right for you. If you don’t know, try as many as you can. Life is not about making the correct decision, it’s about learning from every decision you make. Coming to London has been one of my favourite decisions so far; I can’t wait to come back for more!

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