Wild wonders of the Chinese Winter awaits!

Wild wonders of the Chinese Winter awaits!

Fact: The only reason I am excited to travel to Shanghai, China is because of dumplings, that’s right food. I’m sure people would agree with me on that point. Just kidding.

This is reality now, can you believe this, I’m off to Shanghai!!!! Moods of excitement currently run through my body. It will be winter time, I’d pick winter over those sweaty summer days anytime!!

The name is Patrick Vitocco; I am about to embark on my Final year of study, completing a Bachelor of Information Communication and Technology at the University of Western Sydney in NSW, Australia.

china internship

This image is when I took part with my gym crew in the 10km stampede obstacle course at the central coast, which is just an hour and a half north of Sydney. It was a very fun and challenging day as the group endured many obstacles such as electricity volts, ice cold water, wall climbs, rope climbs and many more barriers that required a great deal of independence and team effort.

I am 23 years of age, I’m such an easy person to get along with and I’m very friendly, I enjoy high level of physical activity comprising many hours on the football field, in the gym and the practicing of Kung Fu. I also take part in enjoyable outings with friends and family, and I’m always keen to network and meet new people.

I work for the University of Western Sydney as an IT Administrator/Project Officer, I really enjoy working for my university as I am getting relevant course experience and its such a pleasure to work in such a great environment.

I am looking forward in taking part in my 6-week internship in Shanghai as a Software Designer/Web Development Engineer and getting to know a lot of people through absolute internship, as their work towards me landing a Shanghai internship with a host company has been nothing less than outstanding.

Like traveling anywhere in the world, there will most certainly be ups and downs when heading to Shanghai, more ups I hope. I expect Shanghai to be a pleasure to visit and I hope gain knowledge and explore vast places of the big city.

Shanghai I await your presence.

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