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Why You Should Intern In London

London, UK

Why You Should Intern In London

The *Adventure*

Interning in general is widely becoming a necessary endeavor as competition grows for careers  in today’s modern landscape. As internships become harder to obtain, it begs the question…how can I make sure I keep up? Not only do you wish to get ahead in the rat race, but you’re looking to take full advantage of your youth, wishing to experience freedom and adventure. Traveling has become something you deem a necessity, but this summer you need to make sure you intern to make sure you don’t fall behind. If only there was a way to combine the two…oh wait, there is. 

The easiest answer to your prayers is an Internship in London! Combine those wishes into one experience. There are tons of programs out there to enroll in, our favorite being the Absolute Internship program in London. Here, you are able to try on an industry while also trying out a city! With tons of perks included in the program, it will surely help you grow personally and professionally. 

The Opportunities For Growth

The perfect place to grow, London has grown astronomically in recent years. According to,

 “London is a cultural melting pot with 233 languages spoken by a daytime population of 10 million people. Intercultural influence is evident everywhere – from the city’s cuisine and culture to knowledge and innovation”.

By trying an internship in London, you gain access to tons of industries you might not have otherwise been able to get into. Absolute Internship guarantees internship placement for all of its participants. They feature internships in finance, fashion, marketing, business, public relations and many more. They also have career speakers as well as internship workshops to maximize your learning ability during your stay. 

The Sights To See

As for travel, London is truly in the heart of it all. With the Eurostar available to take you to Paris in a mere few hours, and with flights being significantly cheaper in Europe than the US, international travel has never been easier. Wanna stay a bit more local? Absolute Internship stays in the UK, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to travel and explore. With Absolute Internship you’ll visit Stonehenge and Bath, Oxford University, and many more exciting spots. These excursions are planned for the weekends with your internship in mind, making them the perfect trip to guarantee you’ll be back by Monday morning. 

London Interns


The Security

Never has it been safer to travel to a new country. With Absolute Internship, housing in the city center as well as your internship are guaranteed. That means you’ll have no issue once you arrive getting straight down to business (trying all the pubs-joking!) With 24 hour on site security, you can safely and easily explore your temporary home and fully immerse yourself without fear. Your transportation to and from work will be provided for, adding another additional benefit to the program. 

The Impact On Your Future

It goes without saying that an internship in London will look great on your CV or resume for years to come. You will always have an amazing experience to draw upon when asked in future interviews. Not to mention that vast network of alumni in programs such as the Absolute Internship.

With participants from around the globe, the Absolute Internship in London has been a crowd favorite for years. Networking is a priority here, and there are tons of opportunities to meet and learn more about the field of your choosing. In today’s cutthroat world, networking with others in your field of choice, and maintaining and fostering a relationship could very well result in a job. Too many jobs are won not by a winning smile and perfect GPA, but by knowing people on hiring teams or close to them. An internship in London allows you to expand your network safely and intelligently while diversifying the people you know in your field across the globe. 

You’ve Sold Me…Now What?

Now it’s time to hunt down the program you wish to participate in. If you chose the internship in London, you can expect a full and impressive experience, complete with international group mates, excursions to new places, a full immersion in your career field of choice through workshops, and career speakers, as well as a safe program to try it all in. This year, the Absolute Internship will begin June 2nd, 2023 in either 4, 8, or 12 week increments.  With most things included in the price such as accommodation, your guaranteed internship placement, transportation card, a welcome dinner and orientation, career speakers, weekend activities and 24 hours onsite support, it’s hard to say no to the adventure of a lifetime! Jump headfirst into an internship in London and see where it’ll lead. 

It might be the best decision you’ve ever made.


[Learn More About The London Internship Program Here]

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