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Why Virtual Internships Are a Must For Gen-Z

virtual internships without experience

Why Virtual Internships Are a Must For Gen-Z

Go Off Bestie!

You have something everybody wants. Youth and experience. I know what you’re thinking…I have literally no experience that’s why I need an internship in the first place!  But that simply isn’t true. You were born with the innate ability to adapt to new technologies. Working virtually to you is a piece of cake. As you advance into the workplace over the next few years, having experience from virtual internships will allow you to do what you do best: exist and work in an online space. This will impress future hiring teams as the world continues to shift to a remote workplace. Be ahead of the curve while maximizing on what you do best with a virtual internship!

You were born for this. 

You ARE The Moment…

Virtual work is slowly taking over as employees all over the country are making demands to remain at home post-pandemic. According to Shop Savi’s remote work statistics: By 2025, 22% of individuals (that is 36.2 million Americans) will work remotely. The site also reports that “85% of employers believe that remote work will become a new rule”. It only makes sense then, for Gen-Z future professionals, to stay ahead of the trends by participating in a virtual internship. The experience earned will enable you to gain an understanding of your field early, helping catapult you further ahead of your peers. 

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Mad Skillz for Virtual Internships

According to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report, employers rated critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, and self-management as the most critical skills for the global workforce moving into 2025. Self-management, specifically, is an excellent skill to develop remotely, as virtual internships require you to master your time and stay focused. Learning early on, how you best stay motivated and focused when plagued with the distraction of working at home, will only benefit you as you continue down whichever career path you choose, as you will have already had practice with it. 

The Obvious Of Course… 

Not sure I even need to say it, but the added bonus of working from your safe space is a HUGE perk. Interning can be scary, so choosing a virtual internship can allow you to gain experience in the field of your choosing while having more control over your time. In the days of internships past, college students would flock to NYC, Los Angeles, or Chicago. The cost of finding summer housing in these cities could easily drain all the money earned from said internship (if any). A virtual internship allows you to save that money and focus on learning.

Not to mention the cost and time of commuting. According to, 49.6 minutes on average are saved a day from those working remotely versus those working in the office, so you’re making your life significantly easier by simply: staying home. And wearing pajama pants everyday isn’t too bad either. 😉


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I Got a Virtual Internship – Cha-Ching!

As for unpaid internships, the ability to work remotely makes unpaid internships more feasible, and they are a common reality of companies post-pandemic. A virtual internship, if unpaid, can be done in tandem with in-person work. Most internships, especially those which are unpaid and virtual, are short-term and project-based, and fairly flexible in their schedule, allowing you to gain experience in the preferred industry while working elsewhere. This isn’t ideal, but it opens internships up to those who might have otherwise needed to decline. 

In Closing…

Gen-Z is leading the future, so why not lead the shift in work culture too? Virtual internships allow for the perfect harmony of work/life balance, career growth, and learning opportunities all in one. The ability to truly take your work with you is a huge benefit that will help your summer still feel like it’s yours, as well as allow for mobility to adventure as you see fit! You have the ability to gain experience in your field of choice, so go out and be brave. Try a virtual internship, and see where it leads you!


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