Weekend Trip to Nanjing

Weekend Trip to Nanjing

Nanjing trip interns I believe my favorite cultural activity that Absolute organized for us was the trip to Nanjing. Since we stayed in Nanjing for the weekend we were able to take advantage of the city.
After a quick train ride from Shanghai to Nanjing we hit the ground running and made our way to Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum. As soon as we arrived I noticed that the skies were blue and the trees were lush with varying hues of green. It was meant to rain, but instead we were left with this reward after climbing 397 steps.

After we conquered this, we went to a market where we found art, clothing, food and many, many souvenirs. We took our time glancing and scoping the stores. Some got fans, some got earrings, some got food and some got clothes. I was so lucky to have found the article of clothing I had been looking for here. It was in this Nanjing market where I found my qípáo! Buying it for only 100RMB or $15, I was ecstatic.Friends at Nanjing A different take on the original silk qípáo, I was able to get one made of linen which was a plus considering how hot it can get in China as well as my hometown of Austin.

The next day, after a much needed evening of rest, we woke up and got some hard-boiled eggs, a shāomài and some congee for breakfast. It was so nice to have this breakfast just downstairs from our room because then we were able to go straight to our destinations afterwards. We traveled across the city to the Nanjing museum which shed light on the history of China and more specifically, Nanjing. We then went to a bountiful lunch full of pork, spicy rice and steamed eggplant (my favorite). After our delicious lunch we packed up some sweet bun desserts and headed to the railroad station to catch our train back to Shanghai.

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