Virtual Internships: A Game Changer For Remote Work Opportunities

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Virtual Internships: A Game Changer For Remote Work Opportunities

One of the very few benefits from the global pandemic was its rapid effect on the way we work across the globe. All of a sudden, remote work came barrelling into our realities as it was extremely necessary to maintain how we operated businesses across the globe. The thing we didn’t account for, was how much we’d see working from home meld with our lives and help us uncover how dated our work practices really were. As working from home remains a large aspect of working culture, and one that is in high demand, it’s easy to assume that future generations can expect to participate at some point. In enters- virtual internships. Virtual Internships are a wonderful way for companies to reduce cost, while also making interning easier and more accessible for students of all walks of life. Here are the top reasons that Virtual Internships are a Game Changed for Remote Work. 


Level the playing field: Suddenly at your fingertips exists a wide variety of opportunities. Which will you try? Gain experience in the career of your dreams- straight from your bedroom! The places you can intern at have expanded exponentially from only applying local opportunities, to all of a sudden, being able to apply for things on different continents. Now you can try your hand at that company of your dreams! Not only do companies now gain a wider and more global talent pool as virtual internships break down geographical barriers, but it also allows them to attract interns who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to work for the company. These interns will surely be more dedicated and enthused than those who might take the opportunity for granted. 

Cost effective: Internships in the traditional sense, have always cost an organization at least some bit of money. With office space, equipment, and extras such as food, outings etc. it can be pricey to host a whole team of interns! This may count some companies out of the internship process as they don’t see the worth in spending the money on it (or simply don’t have the funds to host interns!). With a virtual internship, costs can become obsolete. Companies can leverage virtual communication tools they are already using in order to include their interns at a reduced cost, allowing them to join and learn from home! Companies can present a more forward thinking front to a new generation of workers for zero dollars, so long as they offer virtual internships. 

Remote Internship Program

For the intern, a virtual internship can save them from financial ruin, as there is no need for anything other than a laptop and a good attitude. Gone are the days of traveling to a new city and living in an apartment just to get exposure at the company of your dreams. Instead, students can get a part time job to earn money while still developing their careers. 

Skill development and adaptability: The skills needed to thrive at a virtual internship are the same skills needed to create a highly effective worker. Virtual internships require the interns to develop essential skills such as effectively communicating to their colleagues, managing their time properly, and maintaining a consistent amount of motivation to accomplish their goals. As remote work grows in prevalence these skills will be even more in demand on resumes. The adaptability developed by an intern in a virtual internship will take them far in their future career, remote or otherwise.

New ways to network: While it may sound counter intuitive, a virtual internship can allow you to reach out to more people than a traditional one, as you aren’t confined to one spot within the company. Taking advantage of a virtual internship to network can be an excellent way to make the most of your experience. Try setting up one-on-ones with people in your company whose roles interest you. You’ll never know what doors meeting these people can open! In the best case scenario, maybe they’ll even extend you an offer post graduation. In order to establish these connections however, just like in a physical internship, you need to make the most of what you’re given. Many virtual internships will give you access to tools of communication such as Slack or Teams. Make sure to reach out and introduce yourself to those whose roles interest you. Never before has it been easier to quickly get in contact with the higher ups in a company! Where you might have never even been in the same building as the executives in a in person internship, now with the ease of a well crafted slack message, you can keep up a consistent rapport and develop a relationship. Don’t forget to continue to maintain these connections after the internship is over as well! You never know if they could be useful in the future! 

Last but certainly not least…

It’s good for the planet! With the elimination of the need to travel to set a location to conduct work, interns no longer need to spend time commuting. With less people commuting, we have less cars on the road as well as fewer people on trains and buses. Even heating things such as entire office buildings can, one day, be a thing of the past with the shift toward virtual work! 

Overall, virtual internships have completely changed the game for internships of the future for the better. They come as the byproduct of a necessary development in the way we look at the intersection of technology and work, and they open doors for better work life balances, more productivity, and stronger connections both in the wild and on the screen. They signify the shift for work overall (not just internships) towards finding new ways to change how we look at working as a whole. We highly recommend getting a headstart on your future career by exploring a virtual internship and setting yourself ahead of your peers from the get go! You won’t regret it. 

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