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Today was a jam-packed day!

Today was a jam-packed day!

Today was a jam-packed day! We were told our tour of London would start at 1pm, which felt very late since there isn’t much sunlight in winter, so a few of us decided to head over to Covent Garden Markets and have a look at the stalls. I have almost mastered the Tube map and since we’re almost in the centre of everything, getting around is very efficient. The markets are beautiful and filled with stalls selling freshly baked goods, souvenirs of London, toys and plenty more. There were also a variety of street performers and buskers around the market area, which created a brilliant atmosphere. We spent about 2 hours at the markets then headed back to the lobby of the housing for the tour.

The tour was very interesting and it was great to learn the history behind the main landmarks in London. We visited the Marble Arch, Madame Tussands, and the Tower of London just to name a few. We decided to get off at the Tower of London stop and take a few photos and have a walk around. Since it was freezing we decided to visit a café and warm up. The sun sets at about 4pm in London during the winter months so there really isn’t very much daylight at all but we decided to continue with the tour for a few more stops. After finishing the majority of the tour we headed over to Oxford Street where we visited the M&M store. It has every imaginable flavour of M&M and is massive with about 4 levels. Some of us visited the Christmas fair just around the corner, which had a really warm friendly vibe. We then headed over to Planet Hollywood near Soho for dinner and headed back home.

The next day we finished the rest of the tour but unfortunately since it was raining we couldn’t complete the river cruise. So instead a few of us chose to visit the galleries. The National Art Gallery felt like an overwhelming experience. Although we have galleries in Sydney, this gallery was a work of art in itself and filled with exceptional pieces. After spending about 2 hours there we grabbed a bite at Proper Hamburgers – a little burger joint just near the gallery, which also happens to have the most amazing burgers! After lunch we headed over to the Tate Modern, which was probably my favourite gallery so far. The ‘Poetry and Dreams’ exhibition was one of my favourite exhibitions. It’s well curated and encompasses concepts of surrealism incredibly well. We then walked along Millennium Bridge, which is strictly aligned with St Paul’s Cathedral which made for nice photos. We also visited the Cathedral and experienced the grandeur of the architecture and art. Soon after we headed to Oxford Circus to meet a few of the other interns for a spot of shopping and then headed home.

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