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Time to explore London

Time to explore London

The next few days in London were quite full on and busy, exploring the enormous city. Our next stop was Covent Gardens where we had our first group dinner, a really beautiful, traditional part of London with a gorgeous vegetable market inside. We also went to Piccadilly Circus, a place I had always wanted to see! It was quite a site, large and magnificent advertising panels bent around the building, a gorgeous scene that I’ll never forget. It was here the group and I had dinner at a homely Italian restaurant. I vividly remember walking through Piccadilly Circus and being in awe of the impressive classical looking buildings that lined the roads, nothing like home. We then found our way to Trafalgar Square that still looked quite impressive at night especially the fountain.

The next day we headed to Victoria to go on the London Bus Tour, which was quite an experience, listening through earphones of the history of London, on the top level of the double decker. Through the tour, interesting stories about the old Royal Family, executions in London, famous rock star marriages taking place, Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Tower and other places were learnt. We departed from the Bus Tour at the London Tower to walk around, where unfortunately here we lost a group member for a couple of hours as we went to eat. After a couple of hours we managed to find them and by then it was dark and the rest of the tour including Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, would have to be done tomorrow. However the next day was quite miserable, raining and freezing we saw the London Eye and only a glimpse of Buckingham Palace, deciding not to depart off the tour to see it due to the rain, however when seeing the changing of the guards later in the week, we’ll get to see it all hopefully.

The same night before heading to our sponsored dinner we decided to kill time by going to M&M World, which I never knew even existed until then. It was massive! It had 4 floors and every possible object that an M&M could be advertised on and every possible colour and flavour of M&Ms. There were large statues of M&Ms dressed in anything iconic to London such as the Beatles and the Buckingham Palace guards. Although bizarre the place was quite fun and surreal to be in! We then ate at Planet Hollywood at Piccadilly Circus, which was a fun restaurant with great old school music such as the Spice Girls and ABBA!

A few of the interns including myself went to the National Gallery of Art and Tate Modern the next day, where we saw some exquisite works of art by the best, such as Picasso, Dali, Turner, Monet and Pollock. This felt even more surreal having been a big fan of these artists for a long time; I couldn’t believe I was in front of their original works!

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