The Rise of Virtual Internships: What You Need To Know

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The Rise of Virtual Internships: What You Need To Know

In the past five years, we have seen a rapid change in our relationship to work, particularly in majority capitalistic countries such as the United States. During the pandemic, we were forced to reimagine how we defined work and workspaces in a way that has had transformational shockwaves into how we operate today. With this shift, we have seen a rise in virtual internships. Companies are reimagining the internship experience in a way that enables better access to a broader range of interns as well as saves the company money. With remote internships going nowhere anytime soon, here’s what you need to know as an organization or a student.

What even is a virtual internship?

Virtual internships, also known as remote internships, are internship programs that enable the intern to work from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection! Instead of working physically in an office (like days of the past), interns will utilize digital tools and communication platforms to embark on their remote internship journey! Believe it or not, virtual communication has greatly improved over the last few years, specifically with tools. Now companies have access to video chatting services, project management tools, and collaboration technologies that make remote internships extremely feasible and beneficial to the intern.

What’s In It For Me?


Flexibility: Perhaps the most exciting and groundbreaking, remote internships allow students for the first time to really tap into a work-life balance and have greater flexibility. Most remote internships are around 20-30 hrs a week, enabling the intern to pick up a second job, spend time traveling, or even develop a hobby! Kill two birds with one stone this summer and travel somewhere exciting while also interning at your dream company. This has never been possible before and allows for dual learning to take place in a shorter amount of time.

Saving $: For students, embarking on a remote internship could potentially save them thousands of dollars. Without the need to travel or relocate, virtual internships save interns money on transportation, accommodation, and other expenses associated with in-person internship experiences. This can make unpaid internships more realistic for students as they can work from the comfort of their home while gaining career knowledge. Students may be able to accept internships that they would never have otherwise been able to due to the cost versus gain, so turning these opportunities remote opens the doors to endless possibilities!

Global Opportunity: For many, experiencing work with a company not based in their own home country is unheard of. With the rise of remote internships, working for a company in a different country is not only easy, but it’s encouraged! With everything being digital anyway, there really are no differences in effort on the intern if you choose to intern internationally, as nowadays everything you need to succeed will exist in the digital space. This can allow you to grow in understanding different cultures, specifically working cultures, as well as meet people from around the globe. Impress future employers by becoming Mr/Mrs Worldwide- all from the comfort of your desk!

Virtual Internship Opportunities

Skill Development: Remote work doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. A remote internship opportunity can give a student a leg up in their career by allowing them to develop the necessary skills needed to work well in a digital space. Time management, self-motivation, communication, and fluency in virtual programs are all extremely sought after in today’s job market.

But what’s in it for the other guys?

Don’t worry, organizations greatly benefit from hosting remote internships as well.

Saves Money: Just as interns save money by choosing a remote internship, so do companies. Gone are the days of mediocre catering and pizza parties, as well as silly team-building excursions. Now you can allow a group of interns to provide assistance to your company while also gaining experience in your field- at no or very little cost! All you need is to add interns to whatever communication tools your company is already using to operate digitally, and you are ready to go.

Access to a broad talent pool: By opening up remote internships, you allow for students around the globe to apply and learn more about your organization. You’ll expand your talent pool and be able to find students who are truly interested in what you can offer them. Who knows, this talent could one day be future employees!

Branding: Many employers will find the forward-thinking and futuristic reputation that offering a remote internship can give a company to be very appealing. By offering this opportunity to students, the company also introduces itself to the next generations and establishes itself as one that is with the times. Many companies unknowingly give off the energy that they are resisting the changing of the times by refusing to offer remote opportunities, especially internships.

What’s the catch?

It’s important to remember that remote internships are still just that- an internship! Students still must complete projects and make the most of their experience in order to reap the benefits. For some, working remotely can be difficult as they find it hard to remain focused and not distracted in their own space. In order to be successful, you must choose to work extra hard to develop the skills necessary to operate efficiently from behind a screen.

It can also be hard for some to meet mentors and establish lasting relationships. For some, the idea of attempting to meet someone and then foster that connection all from behind a screen can be too daunting. In order to make it easier for remote interns, organizations need to establish clear methods of communication and dedicate time for regular check-ins and guidance. We believe it is fully possible and seamless to engage with your colleagues and potential mentors through the digital communications platforms of your company, so make sure to utilize them! Ask someone for a virtual coffee and video chat. Send a message asking someone interesting to you to tell you more about their job. Even join a channel to send funny gifs! Find whatever your organization offers and get creative.

As remote internships become more prevalent, it’s crucial for companies and students to adapt to this new mode of work and capitalize on the opportunities it presents for both parties. They may find this new world is one they can no longer live without…

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