The Future of Learning: Remote Internships for High Schoolers

Remote Internships

The Future of Learning: Remote Internships for High Schoolers

The world is changing and fast. Many are turning towards our ever evolving technology as a beacon of hope in these dark times, leading us towards (hopefully) a happier and healthier society. 

One of the many things that has changed tremendously in the past few years is how we incorporate technology and work. Working remotely emerged as a huge potential option for employees after the Covid 19 pandemic, and while we explore what that looks like for the future, we’ve discovered it can be applied elsewhere as well. 

Remote work opens doors for those participating in the professional world to be involved even younger, as the barriers to entry such as location, access, etc, all fall away. For high school students, the combination of remote internships being available but also being available to them before they go to university, if extremely unique. Whereas before many did not intern until college, now with a few clicks, students can learn and gain skills at the same time. 

Remote Internships for HIgh School

There are tons of benefits that can be gained from remote internships for high schoolers:

Accessible Options

All of a sudden, a vast array of opportunities are within reach. Which ones will the intern choose? Imagine gaining experience in your dream career, or even exploring one you find deeply interesting, years early, from the comfort of your desk? 

The scope of possibilities explodes with remote internships for high schoolers. It becomes increasingly easier to incorporate learning in school alongside real world experience in the workforce. Now, students can take internships potentially from their computer during their study hall! No longer do they need to wait to learn more about different careers from people local to the students’ school, now, it’s never been easier. 

Talent Pool

For companies, there is a huge talent pool now within reach. By transcending geographical barriers this new accessibility will attract young interns who may not have had a chance otherwise. These interns will be set on a phenomenal pathway, eventually creating a more diverse working pool as more students had an opportunity, earlier. 

Flexible Learning

Flexible learning is another major benefit of remote internships for high schoolers.  Remote internships offer scheduling flexibility, enabling high school students to effectively manage both their internship responsibilities and academic commitments. This empowers them to acquire hands-on experience without causing any disruption to their education. 


Real world exposure is also a very real benefit that exposes high schoolers to the realities of the professional world earlier on. They get to witness more career paths than in previous times and they get to see how theoretical concepts from their studies can translate into practical applications in the workplace. 

Development of Skills

There are a range of skills that can be obtained during a remote internship such as communication, time management (essential!) teamwork, and problem solving. Not to mention the digital literacy that students will acquire from working fully remotely. Working with digital tools and virtual collaboration, students will learn to adapt and practice working with tools they may use someday. This will give them a step up against future competition as they already fully understand the popular tools companies may use. 

Networking Opportunities

While for many, the word “remote” would directly conflict with the idea of networking, that is far from reality. With tech tools it’s never been easier to introduce oneself to their colleagues! 

Slack and Teams allow one to send quick introductory messages. LinkedIn makes it so interns can formally connect and maintain that connection beyond the internship. Remote internships for high school students open doors to build a professional network that can prove beneficial in future endeavors, by simply breaking down professional relationships to “hi!” message.  

Building a Portfolio

Remote internships offer project based experiences that students can add to their portfolios. This can be a hugely valuable asset when applying to colleges, universities, and future job opportunities. Students will have worked to find solutions for real life problems, and they’ll have the work to show for it. 

Global Perspective

High schoolers can interact with people from across the globe in a variety of different cultures while working remotely. This can give them unique perspectives while also fostering open mindedness with a broad worldview—something that may come to a student further along in college, or never at all. 

Exposure to Remote Work Culture 

As remote work becomes increasingly common, experiencing a remote internship provides remote high school interns with insights gained into that digital world. As it is unlikely to disappear, students will have early access to the “how” of  working virtually and will be professionals at remote work by the time they are full time. 

Similar to Gen-Z’s ease with the internet versus those of an older generation, remote internships for high school students allow high schoolers to grow into this way of working, allowing them to become their own experts as time goes on. 

Personal Growth

Taking on responsibilities and challenges boost young professionals self-confidence and self-esteem. They’ll be much more comfortable in future professional settings and will learn more about what it is they do and do not enjoy in the work world. Overcoming obstacles they’ll face and achieving various goals will both contribute greatly to their personal growth and development.

Resume Differentiation

As a final perk, remote internships for high school students allow the student to really stick out to colleges and future employers. They’ve shown grit and tact as they have started their career journey earlier than is traditional. They’ve gained skills and experiences (including that portfolio) will all help them to ebay out future competition and make their resume shine! 

In summary, a remote internship for high school students offers a wealth of benefits that contribute to their overall success. With virtual internships becoming reality for high school students, we can expect this to change the way they learn as well, as they can easily gain experience in a quick and convenient way. The future with remote internships is especially bright. 

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