The Complete Guide to Internships Abroad in Barcelona

Internship In Barcelona

The Complete Guide to Internships Abroad in Barcelona

If you’re a college student – or perhaps a recent college graduate – there’s nothing that’s quite as rewarding as completing an internship. 

Not only does an internship provide an in-depth, real-world exposure to your area of study, but it also offers you a distinctive edge in today’s cut-throat job market. 

But what if you could take things one step further – and complete an internship abroad in Barcelona, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities?

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about internships abroad in Barcelona. Pack your bags. Adventure – and some major resume-boosters – await.

Can I Do an Internship in Spain?

The short and easy answer is yes – non-Spanish students and professionals can absolutely complete internships in Spain. The country, as a whole, prides itself on fostering a diverse and welcome cultural and professional environment.

Spain is a country rich in history, arts, and culture, but it’s also a hub for various industries that welcome young interns from across the globe. Education, business and marketing, hospitality, and a growing tech sector are some of the popular areas foreigners tap into for internship opportunities.

Before you start booking any plane tickets, though, you’ll want to take some time to thoroughly research what’s required.

It all starts with the visas. Spain’s government, like many others, has specific visa regulations for different types and lengths of stay. For internships typically lasting 90 days or fewer, a Schengen visa might be sufficient for citizens of certain countries. Interns engaging in longer placements might need to apply for a student or work visa.

In some cases, you may need to secure a sponsorship from the company offering the internship and undergo a language proficiency test. By working with an experienced and approved provider, like Absolute Internship, you may be able to forgo some of the more time-consuming and tedious tasks and get right to your travels.

What Are the Benefits of Internships in Barcelona for English Speakers?

The city of Gaudí and Picasso, Barcelona also happens to be one of the most English-friendly in Spain. Interning in Barcelona can be a game-changer for many reasons. 

For starters, the city’s global appeal opens doors to multilingual work environments. English is widely spoken, making the transition into the workforce smoother for international interns. 

Internship in Barcelona

There’s some serious academic merit, too. According to a survey done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, improvement in academic performance was 11% higher for students who took part in either study abroad or internship programs – combining the two, of course, leads to major gains!

Furthermore, Barcelona’s standing as a European economic powerhouse exposes interns to a diverse and vibrant marketplace, enriching your professional experience with a global perspective. You’ll return home not only with a widened worldview but also equipped with a range of adaptable skills, from cross-cultural communication to resilience and independence.

Plus, with the second-highest standard of living in Spain, and a culture that prizes work-life balance, interns in Barcelona will experience a high quality of life alongside professional advancement.

What to Expect When Interning in Barcelona 

In Barcelona, as in much of Spain, a few key cultural and professional norms rule the roost. Here’s what you should know.

Language Requirements

While Spanish proficiency is a plus, especially if you’re working directly with locals, many international firms in Barcelona conduct business in English. 

Still, taking the time to learn essential Spanish phrases demonstrates respect for the local language and culture.

Work Culture

In Barcelona, the day begins late and ends late. The traditional siesta is less prevalent in urban office environments, but you’ll likely encounter a two-hour lunch break – this is typical of Spanish workdays and is something you’ll find in just about every workplace.


The Spaniards operate on a relaxed schedule, and punctuality is appreciated but not always strictly enforced, particularly for social engagements. This is where it’s best to defer to your employer and the work culture at your specific internship placement.

Dress Code

Barcelona’s sunny weather often calls for light and comfortable professional attire, but be sure to adjust your wardrobe accordingly for more formal settings.

Overall Culture

A collective and social spirit characterizes much of Spanish life, which means you can expect a warm and friendly work environment. 

Networking is highly valued, and the relationships you build during your internship can have lasting professional benefits.

The city’s vibrant social scene and renowned culinary offerings also guarantee that interns can fully immerse themselves in the local lifestyle. 

Whether it’s indulging in authentic tapas, attending cultural festivals, or enjoying the city’s buzzing nightlife, Barcelona presents an array of experiences that extend far beyond the workplace. You might not be going there on vacation, but at times, it will certainly feel like one!

Are Interns Paid in Spain?

In general, work-based learning is considered an educational opportunity in Spain and is therefore unpaid. 

The idea here is that the experience, education, and networking are the inherent compensations and no additional compensation is required. 

However, in the modern job market, paid internships are also not unheard of. Larger corporations or specialized roles are more likely to offer compensation. It’s important to set clear expectations and discuss this aspect with your potential employer.

If getting paid is a top priority, be sure to communicate this with your placement agency or during interview rounds to make sure your time overseas meets your financial needs.

Where to Find Internships Abroad in Barcelona

The search for an international internship can feel daunting. However, there are numerous programs and resources that cater to aspiring interns looking to kick-start their career in Barcelona.

One avenue worth exploring is Absolute Internship. We provide tailored programs that match you with a high-quality internship aligned with your career goals. Our professional network and city immersion experiences make sure you make the most out of your time in Barcelona – both professionally and personally.

Absolute Internship collaborates with a range of leading companies in Barcelona, from start-ups to multinational corporations, so we can offer a diverse and curated range of internship opportunities. With accommodation, networking events, and professional development activities woven into each of our programs, we’re able to offer a comprehensive approach to international internships.

Interning in Barcelona is a life-changing experience that marries cultural enrichment with professional advancement. Don’t pass up the opportunity to intern in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. 

It’s not just a line on your CV –  it’s an adventure that will shape your personal and professional narrative for years to come.

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