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hands-on experience during an internship

The Best Thing About My Internship? The Hands-on Experience

My International Marketing Internship in Hong Kong

I have the privilege to intern for a financial broker company. They represent the individual clients, and they offer free financial check-ups to people in order to figure out the gap in their plans. After the gaps are identified, they then suggest the best possible solution from a huge variety of products offered from all our business associates. The firm where I am having a hands-on experience has won the ‘CaringCompany’ award for 6 years in a row so it is also a very socially responsible company as well, that does a lot of charity work. Obviously, my company competes in the finance industry, but I am doing my internship with them as a marketing intern.

A hands-on experience through an internship in Hong Kong

The firm has been running for 10 years now and it has always been a very traditional Chinese company, when it comes down to the culture and work environment. They are focusing on being very organized and productive without really paying attention to their branding and marketing in general, so this is why they need support. The projects that I have been busy with during my internship have been launching a new, more modern website, create a plan for a successful recruitment campaign in order to expand the business, and various other smaller changes that need to be made to their marketing strategy and the way they are portraying themselves in the market. Everyday when I get in the office I will start the day by reading the news and some articles online about advances in technology and business. Later on I get started with my projects. Since there has never been a certain branding/marketing structure in the company, I always need to pay attention to what the CEO of the company wants the result to look like, and sound like in order to create the best possible outcome. My learning experience here is very much based on trial and error. I will get a task, and then I will do it until I perform at the level that the CEO will find satisfying, which means that everything I do contributes to the benefit of the company.

“The experience here is nothing compared to what I learned in class. The best thing about my internship is that I get a lot of hands-on experience.”



This means that when I will eventually be in the job market, I will not be doing anything for the first time. There are a lot of thing I learned from class that I am applying at work. For example a lot of the theories that I explored in class have helped me analyz some of the situation I have been in, and different case studies gave me some experience in order to guide myself through tricky tasks. A thing I have discovered about myself is that I can learn in plenty of different ways. Just doing something until you learn it is one of them, and that is the one I have always been using in the past. At my internship, I have started improving my skills and learning things by looking at what everybody else is doing and seeing what I can adopt from their strategy, but also seeing what does not work and then change it in order to accomplish the goal is a lot easier and a lot more successful!



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