Summer Internships: Exploring Paris, The Capital of Romance

Summer Internships

Summer Internships: Exploring Paris, The Capital of Romance

Picture it: You’re strolling down the street lamp lit cobblestone paths of Paris, it’s warm out and there’s a pleasant balmy breeze drifting across the Seine as you follow its path. There’s an intoxicating  scent in the air of something baking, with a breadlike scent. Mmmmm, you inhale. Croissants. You meander, lost to the beauty around you as you let go and simply exist in the moment. You are content and comfortable here, in this setting that looks straight out of a movie. Something shimmers out of the corner of your eye in a yellow hue. You turn and catch the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles. You swoon. Your eyes drift shut for a moment as you cannot believe this is your life. But it can be…

Paris isn’t simply a city. Paris is the city for young interns looking to romanticize their summer internship in the land of croissants, history, art and of course, love! Not only is Paris an extremely attractive destination, but it is also an excellent choice for interns on the hunt for an opportunity to aid in professional and personal growth. Lucky for you, Absolute Internship offers interns the chance to actually live in the most visited city on earth. Home to many global headquarters for businesses around the world, Paris will allow interns to stand out from their competition in the future, and give their resume an extremely intriguing bonus. Paris is a great place for interns looking for opportunities in: fashion, law, public relations, international business, and marketing. 

Paris is a wonderful place for a summer internship as it allows you to really dip your toes into the working world slowly. Parisian working culture is extremely relaxed with a healthy dose of work life balance. Despite it being a bustling metropolis, you’ll notice Parisians take their time, and enjoy savoring each moment. Lunch is an integral aspect to their work experience and you’ll notice that absolutely NO Parisians eat at their desks. BY starting in such a relaxed environment for your career, you’ll be able to train yourself to prioritize balance from the get go. 

Summer Internships

Get into the easy going mindset before you even step off the plane, as Absolute Internship guarantees an internship placement for all of our interns. We make it a priority to find you the absolute best and most engaging experiences by keeping in regular communication with hundreds of companies around the city, investigating for ourselves what kinds of internships they can offer and how beneficial and hands on those experiences will be. Combined with our professional development benefits, you’ll be able to take what you’re learning in your internship and expand on it with industry professionals outside of your workplace.  The Career Speaker Series meets after work hours and explores meeting various CEOs, Executives, and industry professionals from Paris. These speakers share their success stories, how they made it and outline the fundamental aspects of preparing for life after university. In addition to this, Absolute Internship also offers interns a chance to really dig their hands into networking. By collabing with events throughout the city, we’ll make sure to find you an event for your chosen industry, where you can get up close and personal with real life people in your field. Feel free to ask them any of the questions you might want an answer to that you don’t want to ask in your internship! 

In addition to all of the benefits and culture you’ll experience in the workplace and work related events, Absolute Internship also makes sure you’re not missing out on developing your love affair with the city itself. We make sure to take you on a guided tour of the city in order to get your bearings and begin to recognize the things around you. While here, we will embark on several day trips to other cities and villages nearby to Paris. We will head to explore the French countryside, discovering local vineyards and Champagne Cellars. Of course we will also make sure to visit the beautiful Château de Versailles. As a summer intern in Paris, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Paris’s finest vulture centers. As a group we will explore the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, and the Centre Pompidou. Outside of scheduled activities, make sure to explore on your own to really tailor your experience to whatever you please. Walk around Montmartre or go shopping in Galeries Lafayette. The possibilities are endless!

Of course you cannot forget that food is a major part of a cultural experience! Try grabbing a baguette on the way to your internship one morning, or perhaps head to a cafe during your lunch hours. Be adventurous, and look to see what the locals are after. Fall in love with decadent chocolate in a pain au chocolat, or with a masterfully created crepe or macaron. Make sure to taste it all, don’t just stop at what you think is stereotypically “french”.  Ask your colleagues to make recommendations so you can truly test out what foods are actually a major part of their experience. French food is known for its decadence and should not be missed as you unlock more learning about Parisian culture. 

Armed with the knowledge of all you seek to gain with a summer internship in Paris, let us return to our earlier image: It’s almost dawn as you finish your stroll through the city, seeing the early risers bustle about. The Seine shines with the glint of the sun’s first rays peeking over the horizon. You’re learning lots at your internship, and you’ve begun to understand more about your industry and how you play a part in it. You feel relaxed and at home. It’s hard not to be in the beautiful city during your summer internship in Paris. You come over a small hill and behold the shimmer Seine below and the city in front of you, sprawled out for your hungry eyes to feast upon, gold in the new morning light.  A new day is brewing, not only in Paris, but on your career. 

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