Summer I Will Never Forget

Shanghai intern experience

Summer I Will Never Forget

My experience in Shanghai during my freshmen summer is one unbelievable, ridiculous, sometimes frustrating, but overall rewarding opportunity that I am so grateful to have had. It was a summer that challenged me and taught me things that I will not forget.

Intern friends ShanghaiGiving me my first internship, Absolute gave me the chance to work in a professional business industry right after my freshmen year at college; not only that, they gave me an internship at an amazing, one of the world’s largest banks. This incredible opportunity is not usually available to upcoming sophomores like me, and the fact that I was able to work in the office of such an incredible bank was crazy. Working 9-6 is not easy at all, I learned, and there were many times when I was frustrated with the work I was given and the challenges I had to go through. Things like the language barrier and culture shock, the work ethic, and learning things as I went along definitely did come up.

However, all these experiences, all these hurdles were all things that I believe will help me with my next internship or any future job industry. In this increasingly competitive economy, being more global or more culturally knowledgeable can only help you become a more competitive candidate for any position. My advice for any incoming interns is to be patient — being willing to learn, and be willing to make mistakes. Anything worth it does not always come so easily.

Finance intern ChinaOther than working, you’re in one of the most incredible cities in the world. Don’t forget to go out and explore, meet people, and take in everything. There’s so many things to do! It’s very easy to just want to stay in during the weekends and rest or Skype with friends whenever you have free time, but this opportunity doesn’t come very often — explore as much as you can. Travel during the weekends to explore other parts of China, and don’t be shy to introduce yourself to others and make new connections. Some of the friendships and relationships you make during your time in Shanghai will last longer than you know. By the end of your summer, you want to make sure you don’t regret not doing anything you could have done.

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