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Stonehenge and Bath

Stonehenge and Bath

Our next adventure was going to see more sights that London has to offer; Stonehenge and Bath.

You might think that the Stonehenge is just a bunch of rocks, which yea I guess they are! But up close, the rocks are huge. They were put there over 1000 years ago and how? There weren’t cars cranes or any sort of technology to help get them into position, or to get them from wherever they came… they are just in the middle of a barren green field. On the tour it’s cool because they give you a little handset(same with the tour of the Roman Baths) that you can listen to as you go along at your own pace with markers that you key in and they fill you in on the history as you go. I guess with so many tourists coming through its the most practical way! and then you can choose what you want to listen too and what interests you the most. Interesting fact; the rocks that you see above ground are actually only a small portion of them and a lot most of the rock itself is actually underground in holes that were dug specifically to keep them sturdy and in place. Massive job! The henge is pretty much a sundial, and the sun hits it in different spots during the day and throughout the year… probably put there to give the people who lived there an idea of the days and months of the year and the time of the day! Wild! Some people think aliens, or giants, or even the devil.. but there are always myths like that to explain the unexplained. I guess it must have taken years upon years to get them correctly in place so it worked right and was accurate, but even so, how did those people know it was accurate at all?

On June 21st, the longest day of the year druids which were members of the a priestly class thousands of years ago(and for lack of better words wizards because a lot of neopagan practises today were based upon these early people)  go there and practise certain rituals even to this day. There were actually a few there when we were, but we didn’t get to see them do anything. Too bad because that would have been interesting! I’m guessing it would look something like this, but I didn’t take this photo!

Gotta run to dinner….   quick break but onto the Roman Baths when I’m back!


So! The Roman Bath’s were the next stop, about 2 hours from Stonehenge. The architecture is mind blowing.. the whole city is in a “Georgian” style and the interesting thing about the city of Bath is that because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, any new buildings or renovations that are done to any structures must follow the same style to preserve the unique history. The city was originally the basis of the baths… which basically means that the waters temperatures are heated naturally by the Earth at 46 degrees. It became a a huge tourists destination and was a modern day “spa” because of the natural hot waters. The water is discoloured because it contains lots of minerals and is actually used to treat some sicknesses even to this day! BUT don’t drink it! or touch it(even though I couldn’t resist putting my hands in)


Not into history? No fear my friends! My trip is only 2 weeks in and we covered some serious historical grounds! You wanna be sure to get as much of that kind of thing in as you never know when/if you’ll get the chance to see any of it again… But tomorrow is Paris with the group, and we are having a night out on the town! Check out my next entry for all the details… there’s plenty to come!

I start my internship with Polistas on Monday as well so i’ll be sure to include my first day at work as a fashion intern! We’re also planning a pub-crawl soon. Now that I’m  familiar with London and starting to understand where the good clubs and bars are I’ll do a good few entries on the night life here as it never stops!! and that is my specialty 🙂 We’re gonna check out Fabric Night Club and Ministry of Sound perhaps next weekend which I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TOO!!! finally some good beats are in the books!


Good night for now!


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