How A Stockholm Internship Turned Into Full-Time Gucci

How A Stockholm Internship Turned Into Full-Time Gucci

Internships are so important because they are a great chance for students to embark on a new journey and one that has the potential to change lives!

One of our alumni, Martina Zunica, who interned through Absolute Internship in Stockholm, Sweden is now working at Gucci as a Global Visual Communication Expert! Based in Milan, Italy, she is incharge of visual and information design, supporting the insights and analytics team with reports and infographics. We spoke with Martina to talk about her internship experience back in 2019 and what advice she could give to aspiring interns.

Absolute Internship: How was your internship experience? What was the best part?


I completed a three month internship as UX/UI Designer at Qyre in Stockholm. It was truly a life-changing experience working on Qyre’s digital platform helping make media production easier to use. It was my first time at a proper company and I am thankful for the team that I was working with and felt that they appreciated having me on their team. I really enjoyed producing designs (that were actually used!) and implementing different features on the web app. I worked both in the office and remotely which gave me the opportunity to connect with the other team members, go for lunch and share a daily education moment – The team taught me a new word in Swedish and I taught them a word in Italian. It was really fun!

AI: What is your most memorable experience?


My best memories were from my last week. The team organized a special cooking challenge where I cooked bruschetta and carbonara for the team (the best Italian dinner!) It was such an enjoyable experience and it was a great way to end the internship. On my very last day of work, we took half the day off and went for lunch at a restaurant and spent the afternoon talking about our lives. The company gave me a design book as a leaving present and we took a group photo together. It is one of my favorite memories as it really confirmed that the relationship we had been building for the past few months and how we had become close as a team allowed us to enjoy our time together. 

Martina now working at Gucci

AI: What was the most important thing you learned in your internship?


Stepping out of your comfort zone really changes you as a person and your ideas of what you want to do with your life. I changed my country, city, home and my job title during the internship and discovered a whole new ‘Martina’. The experience helped me grow personally and professionally. I returned home with many ideas and projects for my future in design and an understanding of the things I liked and did not like about working in a job.


AI: How was your whole experience with Absolute?


My university shared information with me about Absolute Internship and I signed up for a placement in Stockholm. I did not participate in the all inclusive program with accommodation (although I met students who were) . I found the experience of finding my own accommodation in Sweden a bit difficult as it is very expensive. 


AI: What advice would you give to current interns or future students?


I would tell them to not be afraid of trying something different and make sure to challenge yourself – it’s the only way to learn! Also, it’s important to remember that your host company knows you’re a student and that you’re there to learn, no one is expecting you to be perfect or have all the skills. They are more interested in your new and fresh point of view. Don’t be scared of doing what makes you happy and keeps you motivated. If you don’t like it, then change what you’re doing ( in three years I’ve changed cities and moved jobs twice!) Trust the process!

Like Martina, many students have discovered so much about themselves through their internships – and have found themselves in so much better places because of what they’ve learned!

If you’re looking for a sign to pursue an internship of your own, this is it! The Absolute Internship team is ready to welcome you with open arms. 

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