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Singapore: Best of Both Worlds


Singapore: Best of Both Worlds

singaporeProfessionally, I found that the company speakers that Absolute have organized has been really useful to me. Our first speaker was from the ING Group, a Dutch multinational banking and financial corporation. Even though his profession was corporate banking, he studied engineering during college but realized the field wasn’t for him. He told us that even though he didn’t have the typical major for banking such as accounting, his employer liked his spirit and enthusiasm to work at ING and ended up offering him a position in the company. Of course he had a lot of catching up to do, but his motivation to learn was there and that’s what the people at ING wanted. It’s a lot easier to teach a skill than a work ethic. Also from his experience, companies see how skilled you are at something as less important than how approachable and friendly you are as a person. The second speaker we had was from Wearnes, an automotive retailer for luxury car brands such as Bentley and Aston Martin. He was a very welcoming person and gave a small rundown of the company. His experience working here in Singapore made me consider wanting working to work in this country again. Everywhere in Singapore is clean, living facilities are maintained well, commuting is often minimal, and the income tax is really low.

singapore little indiaCulturally, the activities I particularly enjoyed the most are the ones where we had the most freedom to make our own choices. I don’t enjoy having to limit myself and most times, I just want to go out and explore. There’s one significant activity organized by Absolute that I can say that benefitted me was the scavenger hunt at the beginning of my stay here in Singapore. It gave me and the other interns the opportunity to explore so many different places in one day from Little India to Chinatown to the Botanic Gardens. In Little India, I got to experience the best of the Indian community and visited Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and the unique shopping areas. In Chinatown, I experienced the vibrant ethnic community and viewed the countless rows of shopping stands outside with items set out on tables for sale. In the Botanic Gardens, I saw Singapore’s emphasis on nature and maintaining the cleanliness, plant life, and natural beauty of the country.

Both the professional and cultural benefits of Singapore not just makes it a wonderful place to visit but also an ideal place to live.

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