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Sights to See – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace

Sights to See – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace

Of course London shopping is some of the best there is, and being a fashion student I had to fill you in on my shoes..ha!

But don’t forget how much history this city has!. I’ve always been really into history, but since being here I have become a history nerd! It’s one of the oldest cities in the world, and we’ve covered some serious grounds since being here. I arrived the Saturday before last June 9th. Been so busy with my internship that I haven’t gotten a chance to update my blog and keep you as up to date as I would like but since settling away I will be sure to change that!

We’ve seen so many beautiful sights starting with the free tour of London. June 10th, we met at Hyde Park and our tour guide John, took us on a 2 and a half hour tour of the city. One of our first stops was Buckingham Palace (outside only.  Because of the Queen’s Jubilee, we couldn’t get as close as usual but you get the idea. The Palace is huge from the front, but that’s the newest part. Couldn’t get a photo of the back which was actually built over 200 years ago.

Next was West Minister Abbey which is absolutely massive. The sheer size of these building in combination with the amazing architecture is unreal! The buildings are so old I can’t even imagine how they are still standing. Would be interesting to do a tour on the can but they cost money. Inside the Abbey, they have tombs for some of the most famous people to come out of England – Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickinson, and Charles Darwin just to name a few. Who knew?

Onto Big Ben. Interesting story behind the clock that is over 150 years old! The bell has actually been replaced 2 times because it kept cracking. The second time that happened they decided to just leave it the way it was so you can hear the difference when it rings if you really listen.

Next up is Stonehenge and Bath.. stay tuned!!!


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