Should You Intern in Spain This Summer? The Pros & Cons

Internship In Spain

Should You Intern in Spain This Summer? The Pros & Cons

The prospect of interning abroad is like no other. It combines the thrill of a new adventure with the serious business of career development. 

However, interning in Spain is about so much more than just the romantic notion of sipping cortados at a Madrid café; there are real professional and personal ramifications to consider.

So, should you intern in Spain this summer? Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind.

Do Summer Internships Really Matter?

Summer internships aren’t just about filling up your resume – though they do offer a major boon in that department. 

They can be instrumental in helping you decide if your desired career path is truly what you want or need. They also provide a great network for future job finding.

Interning abroad, in particular, can set you apart from the pack, showing future employers a range of desirable qualities including adaptability, cultural awareness, and language skills. But it’s not without its challenges (we’ll talk more about those in this post). 

Interning in Spain: The Pros

First, the pros. Here are a few key reasons why you might want to pursue an internship in Spain, in particular: 

You’ll Likely Earn College Credit

When you intern abroad through a program like Absolute Internship, your time in Spain could earn you college credit, which can help you stay on track with your degree or even get ahead. 

About half of all internships offer college credit – not too shabby. You’ll definitely want to confirm with your college registrar that they’ll accept the credits, however. 

It’s a smart multiplication of your summer months – all the fun and learning of travel, plus the practical benefit of furthering your education. 

Your Resume Will Get a Huge Bump

A prestigious internship in Spain can help to set your resume on fire. It demonstrates initiative, independence, and an open mind, which are among the top qualities employers look for. The international experience is not just a nice touch; it’s often weighed heavily in a decision to hire.

You’ll Gain Valuable Work Experience

Beyond the bustling plazas and the paella lunches are real-world challenges geared towards honing your skills in a professional setting. 

You won’t be fetching coffee. Instead, you’ll be adding value to a company in an international market.

Can We Talk About the Culture!? 

In Spain, work is often not the end-all, be-all. The Spanish place a high value on their downtime and on celebrating life. This can make for a more relaxed, enjoyable work environment. You’ll learn new ways to approach your work/life balance that you can carry with you throughout your career.

The Language Immersion Will Be Super Helpful 

You will also be able to immerse yourself in the beautiful Spanish language during your internship. Language skills are an asset in almost every field and sector. 

Interning in Spain will give you an edge in a competitive job market, potentially opening doors to positions that require or favor bilingual candidates.

You’ll Be Able to Interact With a Diverse Group of People

Spain, especially its main cities, Madrid and Barcelona, attracts a diverse crowd. Not only in the people you work with but also the people you meet outside of your internship. 

This exposure to different cultures and ideas can be as educational as any classroom seminar.

Interning in Spain: The Cons

While there are countless benefits to an internship in Spain, there are, of course, always going to be some downsides. Let’s take a look. 

You Probably Won’t Get Paid

Unfortunately, many internships in Spain, as in other countries, are unpaid. This can put a strain on your summer budget, but the value of the experience can often outweigh the monetary sacrifice.

Not All Internship Providers or Employers Are Ethical

It’s a sad truth that some organizations exploit the internship system. You’ll want to do your research and select an internship partner that has a track record of placing interns in meaningful, supportive environments – like Absolute Internship. 

You’ll Need to Learn How to Be Independent

From navigating a new city to managing your work responsibilities, interning in Spain will require  not having had to exercise before. It can be daunting, but it’s also empowering and character-building.

Culture Shock (and Reverse Culture Shock) Are Real

Adjusting to a new country’s customs, lifestyles, and work ethic can be incredibly jarring at first, particularly if you haven’t traveled much before.

And just when you get used to it, coming home can be just as disorienting. But both experiences provide rich personal growth and development.

You May Not Ever Want to Leave

You read that right. Technically, it could probably be a pro or a con!

Here’s the truth: life in Spain is enchanting. The possibility of falling in love with the country, culture, and lifestyle is very real. Returning to your old routine after your summer in Spain may not seem all that appealing. The good news? If you’re able to land a job after graduation, you might not even have to. 

How to Find the Best Possible Internship in Spain

Spain Internships

Spain Internships

Finding the right internship is pivotal when it comes to a successful and fulfilling experience in Spain. These are the steps you want to take to ensure you’re securing an opportunity you can be excited about.

Find an Approved Provider

Begin your search by looking for a reputable internship provider, like Absolute Internship, that specializes in placing students in safe, productive environments. Make sure they can set you up with the resources and support to thrive in your new setting.

Make Sure the Internship Relates to Your Career Path

While a broadening experience is valuable, your internship should primarily relate to your career path. The best internships are stepping stones that directly apply to your studies and future goals.

Read Up on Requirements

Know what’s expected of you well in advance. From language proficiency to dress code, the more informed you are, the smoother your transition will be.

Put It In Your Budget

Calculate all potential costs, from travel and housing to daily expenses. Include wiggle room for unexpected expenses. Spain’s cost of living can be higher than some might expect, especially in cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Apply

Rushing into any decision, including where you’ll invest your summer, is always less than ideal. Put in your applications early so you have your pick of placements.

Is It Easy to Get an Internship in Spain?

With Absolute Internship it is. 

Although getting an internship in Spain can require a little bit of logistical legwork, it’s certainly not impossible. 

And working with a provider like Absolute Internship can help you stack the odds in your favor. The application process for internships in Spain can be competitive – but if you’re able to get yourself a spot, you’ll set yourself up for a summer to remember. 

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