Shanghai really is no place like anywhere else!

Shanghai really is no place like anywhere else!

Shanghai Weekend ActivitiesI’ve been in Shanghai for a week and it is hard to believe all the sites and memories I’ve already experienced! I’ve had incredible meals, been to some really thrilling views, and met incredible people from all over the world!

After landing at the Pudong airport and meeting a few interns who arrived the same time I did, we took a drive to our apartment and got settled in with our roommates. Some people have doubles and some have triples and I’m in a double with a hilarious Aussie here for a Journalism internship! After getting settled in we got to experience a local family style meal full of duck, frog, and other exciting food I had never tried before and really enjoyed! We also had an orientation weekend where the Absolute staff explained what the month was going to be like and helped with some information on the culture Shanghai has! We also got to take part in an Amazing Race and ran around the city like crazy kids snapping pictures of buildings, people, and other exciting sites. We’ve had lots of group dinners and getting to eat with the other inters and talking with everyone about their hometown and how Shanghai is going for them!

Shanghai InternshipMy internship has been really fun and informational so far. I’m located in the French Concession which is full of not only Western expats but plenty of locals so I’m immersing myself into plenty of cultures working in this area. I’m also close to the apartment so I get plenty of exercise walking to and from my internship every day. It’s pretty much impossible to describe Shanghai in a few words because it’s such a diverse city compared to any other city I’ve been to. One interesting thing I never thought would happen was the city is very well kept and people are constantly cleaning the streets. I also am really impressed with the vast metro station and how many forms of transportation there are for people whether it be walking, taxi, bus, or the metro. I personally avoid the metro as much as possible because I cannot figure it out for the life of me but luckily the other interns are always there to help me get anywhere I need to!

All and all this first week has been completely amazing and I know these next few weeks will be even more memorable.

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