Shanghai I’m Coming for you!

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Shanghai I’m Coming for you!

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.” –Zoey Sayward

Ni hao everyone! My name is Anita Sham and I graduated last week with a BSc in Biomedical Science. Although it has been a tough 4 years with endless amounts of all-nighters it has definitely paid off. Next year I will be undertaking a postgraduate which led me to realise that this will be the last summer being a student. (No more long vacations!!!)

intern in chinaTherefore I thought to myself this would be the perfect opportunity for me to explore and get more hands-on experience in the real working industry and see what the real world is like before I am dropped in the big ocean. It’s also, a good excuse for me to get away from “sunny” Scotland where I was born and raised. The Scottish weather you can say is very unpredictable and we could have had the worst Summer to date this year. Although this, I was thankful on my graduation that there was a bit of sunshine. However, as soon as the afternoon striked, it was torrential rain till midnight.

With the thought of less than 10 days till departure for Shanghai, the rain and wind is the last thing on my mind. I’m eagerly anticipating in what Shanghai has to offer, with the modern, fast paced city, one which never sleeps, the opportunities out there are endless. I’m excited to try all the different food and visit all the beautiful scenic spots. I think there may even be a chance by the end that I wont want to come home.

Absolute Internship did an excellent job in finding a pharmaceutical internship company for me to intern in. Being at university and through placement I gained lots of laboratory experience and now feel confident working in a laboratory environment. Therefore interning in a pharmaceutical company and learning how a pharmaceutical company operates will definitely give me a wider insight of what a general laboratory also entitles. It also gives me a chance to practise my Mandarin which I still feel nervous speaking in. Although the company can use English I feel it would be beneficial for me to attempt my Mandarin (hopefully they can understand me!!). I aim to grasps the skills I’m going to attain from this 1-month internship and utilise it in my future career and also enjoy the experience of living in a different city.

Shanghai see you soon!


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