Shanghai: A Trip of a Lifetime

Shanghai: A Trip of a Lifetime

travel to shanghaiDear Future Interns,

If you’re considering visiting Shanghai through an internship program; Absolute internship is the way to go. Not only did I have great housing accommodations, but they paired my internship with the best candidate for my career choice in pharmaceuticals. Not only was my company, professional, they really helped opened up doors for me and allowed me to make further networking opportunities with other pharmaceutical companies that reach all the way back home for me in Indianapolis, Indiana. I enjoyed working in a Chinese company in comparison to a Western company.

ll I can say about my internship and my time in Shanghai, China for six weeks was that it was a trip of a lifetime. I will truly never forget this wonderful experience. I learned so much about the pharmaceutical industry, about the Chinese’s culture, and saw so many beautiful landmarks when sightseeing that it’s hard not to say my trip was a solid ten out of ten. Definitely try and visit as many landmarks/museums while in Shanghai. It is better to get out and soak it all in, than being in your room all the time exploring the television channels. You could do that in home, where you won’t find the Urban Planning museum of
Shanghai there.

night in shanghai

food in shanghaiMy best advice for anyone traveling abroad is there will be days where you’re extremely fatigued, walk over 10 miles a day, or be stuck in rain that is non-stop the entire day, but remember, the entire trip is what you make of it. You can’t rely on others to make you happy, you need to learn how to entertain yourself. If you don’t learn how to go with the flow, and see the positives out of the events you’re participating in, you will never be happy. You experience more when you’re in a better mood, and in return, it will allow you to have the trip of a lifetime.

In addition, make sure you try new things. Try eating a cockroach, go kayaking on the river, get a professional massage, eat at a hot pot restaurant, visit the science & technology museum, etc. Just go out and explore; Shanghai is a beautiful city and it’s so big there are endless opportunities of activities here. If you learn to get out of your comfort zone, Shanghai is the best place for that experience. I hope you enjoy Shanghai as much as I did.

-The Intern

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