3 Cafés You Won’t Want to Miss on Your Seoul Internship

3 Cafés You Won’t Want to Miss on Your Seoul Internship

Ready for your Seoul internship?

If you’re still deciding which international internship to pursue, you’re in luck: Seoul internships have been generating buzz across different universities around the world! Students everywhere have been wanting to learn more about pursuing an internship in Seoul.

Internships are great opportunities to learn more about the industry you’re planning to work in, as well as a chance to learn more about yourself and what you like and want to do. Think about it like getting your feet wet – you’re figuring out if you like the path you’ve chosen or not. If you take your internship abroad, it’s also a door to another world. Literally! You get to learn more about the world, other people, and other cultures.

With all of the destinations across the globe, you might be wondering: why should you take an internship in Seoul?

Why take a Seoul internship

Aside from being one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, Seoul is also a hub of life and culture. Yep – you’ll be able to gain good work practice, as well as experience all of the sights and sounds that Seoul has to offer! In fact, people are so eager to see what the city has to offer, that Seoul was ranked 23rd for global destination tourist traffic. There were over 9 million people who visited Seoul in 2019 alone.

The city’s ten different neighborhoods offer a wide array of activities, ranging from nightlife and shopping districts, to historical monuments and museums. Depending on what you’re interested in, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy in Seoul!

The boom of Seoul coffee shops

One thing that’s launched Seoul to fame is its unique assortment of coffee shops that are scattered across the city. South Korean locals are huge fans of pastries and bakeries – and in recent years, South Korean coffee shops have grown insanely popular. In 2018, there were already 88,000 coffee shops in South Korea. That means that South Korea has one of the highest café densities in the world, with there being roughly one café for every 600 citizens! It’s likely that there are more now in 2023, as more and more coffee shops have sprung up in Seoul alone.

If you’re in town and wondering where to go, don’t fret: we’re here to help you get past the overwhelming stage of trying to figure out which cafés are worth visiting. There are quite a few South Korean cafes that deserve your attention, but we’ve done our research for you:

Café Onion

Café Onion Anguk. Photo courtesy of www.alexisjetsets.com

The famous Café Onion first opened in 2016. This industrial-themed café has now branched out across the city and has four different locations! The first location, found in Seongsu, is known for its rooftop view. Patrons say that this is a great experience during the spring and summer, but can be quite chilly during the fall and winter. It’s also a good neighborhood to café-hop!

Café Onion’s second location is near the Bukhansan area and is the least known among the four branches. It’s called Café Onion Mia, and it’s well-loved for its industrial chic interior, complete with frosted glass windows. It’s a quieter alternative to most of the city’s hustling and bustling coffee shops.

The third location, and perhaps the most popular, is Café Onion Anguk. Its aesthetics are hugely different from the other Café Onion locations, as this one is decorated in the style of a traditional 14th-century Korean home, called a Hanok! This shop is a pleasant mix of traditional Korean architecture and modern coffee flavors. This location is near the Gyeongbokgung Place, which was the royal palace that the Joson dynasty called home.

Lastly, Café Onion Gwangjang is the newest location of the café. Its corner location is in its signature industrial style, and has since become a hangout place for hipsters and other locals. Each of the different locations have different food and coffee offerings, so it’s a treat to be able to visit each of them! However, if you’re pressed for time or want to check out more unique coffee shops, we would recommend Café Onion Anguk. The experience is something that you can find only in Seoul.

Bear’s Den

Photo courtesy of cafecurator.wordpress.com

Another well-loved coffee spot in Seoul is the Bear’s Den. Located in Seodaemun-gu, this shop was a former bakery, which later turned into a bakery, café, and brunch spot. It’s a lot less popular than a lot of the city’s café’s, but this means that there are bound to be less people, and more locals in the area!

Not only will you be able to get good brews here – you’ll also be able to enjoy hearty, uniquely-named brunch plates, and enjoy the artistry of Korean pastry-making. They have treats like the Starry Night Chestnut Bread, which is self-explanatory; and meals like the Hidden Honeypot and Bear’s Plate!

C.Through Café

Photo courtesy of @c.through on Instagram

Now, if you’re into latte art, or are just appreciative of beautiful things in general… C.Through Café is the place to be! This cafe is located in Itaewon, so it’s easy to pass by if you happen to be in the area. C.Through Café is known for their one-of-a-kind latte art skills – they’re able to recreate scenes like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, as well as other paintings like the Mona Lisa and the Scream, among others.

C.Through Café is sure to give you a unique experience. The owner handmakes the art himself! If you go here, make sure that you have the time: each art piece takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. After all, you can’t rush art, right? 😉

Ready for your Seoul internship?

South Korea isn’t just a hub for business or an overachieving economy – it’s also a center of life, culture, and art! It’s a good place to go if you’re planning on learning more about your chosen field of work and about the world around you.

Want to know more before you pursue a Seoul internship? Don’t forget to do your research before you travel so you can make the most of your stay there!

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