Rome-Fiumicino to Hong Kong – Arrived!

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Rome-Fiumicino to Hong Kong – Arrived!

After a very long flight from Rome-Fiumicino airport (there was a blackout that leaded my flight to delay), I finally arrived in Hong Kong. Landing to an artificial peninsula completely surrounded by the see is one of the best experience I had in my life: it is like feeling the sky merging with the waters, and the clouds caressing the islands’ green hills.
Arrived at the airport I found it very comfortable: the indications were quite clear and I immediately spotted the “Absolute Internship” personnel. I started to meet the other
interns in Hong Kong
and I was pleased by their congeniality and kindness, especially of my roommate, Harri.

intern in hong kongThe hotel is located in a very central position. My room is ok and clean but it does not have a kitchen – there is only a fridge and a microwave – so I always need to eat outside. After a short nap, I joined the welcome dinner in a very nice place serving local food and I had to refresh my ability to use chopsticks. It was really fun!

I spent the weekend in sightseeing and building new friendships. I also won the scavenger hunt with my partner, Mia. Meanwhile, I also took a lot of pictures, also with my old sport Rocchetto, a very nice stuffed wolf. As a first sight of Hong Kong, I was deeply impressed by its skyline and lights in harmony with the environment, like trees growing beneath the hills in the bay.

intern in hong kongFinally, my first day at work arrived and after taken the crowded metro, I discovered the place. It is a very tall building in the middle of Wan Chai, one of the most typical Chinese areas of Hong Kong. I was excited to find me out of my element and to appreciate the local people’ life style. I met my boss, a hardworking German manager that immediately assigned to me my task: I started my research in order to write a survey for him. I also met my colleagues and I became friend with some of them.

I am not scared by the fact I had to work in a very different environment and I have great expectations to satisfy my host company. Let see what happens.

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