Rome, Stockholm – now intern in Hong Kong!

intern hong kong

Rome, Stockholm – now intern in Hong Kong!

I couldn’t ever thought to intern in Hong Kong when I started my university degree. Actually, I didn’t imagine how incredible and fascinating could be to study and work abroad. This is the fantastic thing of life: in every single decision it is possible to change completely the meaning and the direction of our life. I feel as facing an infinite valley covered by clouds and fog: I am counting the minutes until I will be able to see its beauty and discover its mystery.

My name is Arnaldo Mitola and I was born in Florence. I am a law student at LUISS Guido Carli in Rome and I study Philosophy as well in Pontificia Universita’ Gregoriana in Rome. I am currently trying to discover the world I live in, through different kind of experiences: studying, spending time as a volunteer and being open minded to each occasion I can find. I could consider myself as a cloud, waiting to understand at the end of my path which could be my atlas.

Travel has always been a passion of mine: I have spent a semester in Stockholm for an exchange program and I will do another one in Vancouver next year. I believe that my
internship in Hong Kong
with Absolute Internship could allow me to have a great launching pad into my future career.

It is difficult to summarize all my expectations: in a nutshell, I am excited to approach a very different culture from a professional point of view. I can see thousand of possibilities relating to people, network, starting to learn a new language and, most of all, growing up as an aware and mature human being. I am in front of a very attracting see: let’s go to swim.

Arnaldo Mitola.

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