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Remote Internship With Absolute Internship: A Breakdown

Remote Internship With Absolute Internship: A Breakdown

Embark On An Adventure…Virtually!

In an increasingly digital landscape, exists a program that can unlock entire career paths for participants. This program is Absolute Internship’s Remote International Internship Program. This program allows its participants to boost their employability, polish their resumes, and go global all from behind the screen of their trusty laptop.  Prove to employers you can thrive in a remote setting, all while standing out from your peers by becoming Mr/Mrs Worldwide. 

The Remote Internship Program is fully customizable and is offered to students worldwide with a flexible start date, part-time to full-time. The program also guarantees you a project-based internship placement, for 20-40 hours a week in the country or career field of your choice, for a duration of 4-16 weeks. Ever heard of something so dreamy?

What’s In It For Me?

With guaranteed remote internship placement, the hassle of tracking down an internship for yourself dissolves. Instead you can use that time to find a cozy place to work from (or a nice beach to work from too!) Absolute Internship provides tons of benefits to those who select the remote internship experience including: career development workshops and a career speaker series to grow your knowledge and understanding of your field. They also provide customized 1:1 coaching sessions and placement support to make sure you truly are finding an industry you love and feel comfortable in. If interested, you can engage in business and cultural etiquette training and learn lifelong habits that are sure to impress future employers. Here, you have the opportunity to truly learn whatever you put your mind  to, from the comfort of your couch!

The *Absolute* Best You Can Be

According to the top 3 skills in demand for employers today are:  agility, flexibility, and adaptability. By gaining experience working remotely from the get-go, you prove to future employers you have the skills needed to “make it work”. The fourth most desired skill in 2022 by employers according to Forbes is modern communication. By communicating remotely with people all over the globe in your internship, you sharpen and hone this skill, making you irresistible to employers. You ability to communicate in the digital space is a skill that is sure to only become more in demand, so consider a remote internship to develop this.

Absolute Internship also enables internship participants to intern with companies all over the globe, giving you international work experience without any additional travel costs. In order to work in the industry of your dreams with the country of your choosing, you simply inform Absolute Internship which you prefer. First you pick your industry and then you select the location of your host company and voila! You’re in business. Fancy learning a new language? Included in your experience is access to a language training platform. Adding an additional language to your resume is sure to impress! 

Also included in your experience is access to the Absolute Academy: a resource library specific to your remote internship. This is an e-learning platform, designed with courses you can take to go above and beyond during your internship. Really take advantage of the tools you’re given-you’ll use them for the rest of your career!

You Did It! Now What?

You completed your internship experience and loved it! Now how do you prove to people all you learned? And how do you leverage this experience to launch you into new ones? Upon completion of the program, participants gain access to our ​​Remote Interns Association LinkedIn Group. With the access you gain, you can reach out to previous interns around the globe and network with your newfound community. This advantage is huge to say the least. Here you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Today the world is all about networking, so choosing a remote internship in which there is a large alumni base is a huge advantage. 

You also receive a certificate of International Internship Completion, signaling to future employers that you’ve got International work experience. This certificate can be included with your resume in future applications or attached to your LinkedIn page. 

The Absolute Internship experience is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a remote internship, an international internship, or anyone looking to gain experience in general. With flexible hours due to the project based internship around 20-30 hours a week, you can easily meet academic requirements or other responsibilities while gaining life changing experiences. Learn time management, adaptability, and cross-cultural fluency from behind the comfort of your screen in no time! Programs start every 2 weeks. Learn more here.


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