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Remote Internship Abroad: My Experience

Remote Internship Abroad

Remote Internship Abroad: My Experience

Hi everyone 🙂 My name is Laura Bourbonnais and I wanted to share my experience of doing a remote internship abroad at Absolute Internship with you! For some background, I did one year in Psychology and Linguistics at the University of Ottawa in French and then in 2018, I transferred to York University in Toronto, Canada! I really wanted to find some internship experience and Absolute helped me to do this!


I’m so grateful to have had the experience I did with such a flexible and accommodating supervisor and internship provider” – Laura


My Internship Program


I decided to do an internship in publishing because I knew that I wanted to either work in the film industry or in book publishing when I graduate. Absolute placed me at Edwige/Edgy TV, which is a media company that also publishes magazines and works in the hotel industry based in Montreal, Canada.

Some of my main tasks included editing chapters from the Dragoons trilogy and transcribing my supervisor’s story ideas, synopsis and summaries I also helped with organising the structure of chapters and inputting character profiles into tables in Google Documents.



Challenges I faced


My biggest challenge has definitely been studying and working remotely and trying to keep self-motivated during lockdowns. Adequately scheduling my time and avoiding procrastination in times of high stress have also been challenges especially when my work space is also the space in which I sleep or unwind. I’m sure many students and remote worker can relate to this!


What I have accomplished


During my remote internship abroad my main accomplishment has got to be that I edited the entirety of the introductory book of The Dragoons trilogy: The Dragons are Attacking. I couldn’t believe the level of responsibility I was trusted with and even better is that the book will be self-published online.

I will be credited as an editor!




Achieving my goals


I’ve developed a passion for editing over the past two years and I’m really interested in the editorial side of the book publishing industry. Through this internship, I was able to actually edit a book which has been both a challenging and fulfilling experience. It’s given me a glimpse into the kind of work I might be doing in the future which is really exciting.

In the next few months, I’ll complete my degree and apply for grad school in Creative Writing, Publishing and Playwriting. I also want to try and take part in certification programs for Publishing across the country and in the United States. Upon graduation, I hope to travel around the world for a few weeks during the summer before starting my next adventure.


My advice to you


If you have the means to do an internship, then you ABSOLUTELY should. An internship can give you a glimpse into a work environment, job or career that you’re interested in without needing to commit long term to any such career or goal. You can learn, grow and gain a better idea of the kind of job or career you really want or will enjoy. I’m so grateful to have had the experience I did with such a flexible and accommodating supervisor and internship provider especially within the context of COVID-19.

Remote Internship Abroad

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