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Remote International Internships: The Future is Here

Remote International Internships: The Future is Here

Remote international internships and work in general, are definitely not a thing of the future. We can already see trends shifting towards increased remote working days and hybrid working models in global companies and start ups alike. In fact, our host companies rated remote interns at 9.2/10! So why is it so important to undertake a remote internship? To prepare yourself for the future of work!


Remote Working Trends


Although working remotely may feel like a very new trend that is only linked to the pandemic, it has actually been on the rise for some years now. With the increased efficiency of technology, working remotely is becoming more straight forward and accessible for many employees. Sandeep Babu estimated that “32% of All Employees Worldwide Will Be Remote Workers by the End of 2022 up from 17% of Employees in 2019” (Source). This statistic shows the rise in remote working and how we can expect it to continue growing.


Another trend that we have seen emerging is the increased implementation of hybrid working models. This can look different for every business but generally, it is when employees work a mixture of remotely and in the office. The benefits for employees are huge, with “more than half (60%) of workers saying their work-life balance is better since starting hybrid working” (Source). Hybrid working models decrease the need for the dreaded 1 hour commute and allow employees to have more freedom and trust, creating a better working environment.


Remote International Internships


Benefits of a Remote International Internship


With all of that being said, how can you prepare yourself to be fully equipped with the skills needed to work remotely? It is likely that most students have been studying online at school or university but in order to gain real world working experience, a remote internship is a great choice. Employers are seeking out candidates who already have experience working remotely and know how to manage the freedom that comes with the territory. Other benefits of a remote internship include:


Work from anywhere:

One of the great advantages of remote international internships is you can live and work anywhere in the world. You can live somewhere you enjoy the lifestyle whilst working somewhere you enjoy the company culture, even if this is in two different countries! With Absolute Internship, you can intern remotely in more than 11 global locations across Europe and Asia, whilst living anywhere. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in an international company and network across the globe!


Mental health:

Another huge benefit of remote internships is that it is a very supportive environment for anyone who is living with a mental health challenge. For example, for students who suffer from anxiety, the idea of going into an office each day, in an unfamiliar location and with unfamiliar people can be wholly overwhelming. Remote work offers them the option to expand their comfort zone from their safe zone, whilst still having access to international internship opportunities.



One of the main reasons that employers are looking for people with remote work experience is because they know how to manage the flexibility of the work. Remote internships allow you to organise your workload around your own schedule and give you the ability to manage your work alongside other commitments and goals. For example, if you have a part-time job or care-taking commitments alongside your remote internship, this will teach you time management skills and demonstrate your ability to handle multiple tasks at once.


Project based:

Our remote international internships are generally very project focussed. This helps students produce tangible results which they can use in future job applications to demonstrate exactly how they brought value to the company. Many recruiters look for students who have proof of their hard work during internships, and having sole charge of projects is a great way to demonstrate this.



Remote International Internships


Although remote working is preparing you for the future, it is also preparing you for the present! We are already living in the world of remote and hybrid working. Adapting and proving your ability to work remotely will improve future career opportunities! If you’re interested in the world of remote working and want to learn more, check out the book “work remotely” by Anastasia Tohmé & co-author Martin Worner. It provides great tips on how to get the most out of remote working.


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