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A Day In The Life Of A Remote International Intern

Remote International Internships

A Day In The Life Of A Remote International Intern


You chose to participate in the Absolute remote international internship program. Featured on the world’s top news media such as BBC News, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, and Forbes, this internship allows students to work on project based internships from the comfort of their homes while growing in their career and gaining experience. For more information you can check out the link here

You awake to a beautiful day outside. You have class for the first part of the day, but for the second part you’re going to continue your international remote international internship. You’re gaining experience in a remote and international setting, all while furthering your education. Absolute Internship works with 800 employers in over 30 industries and you are able to select the industry of your dreams set in a country that speaks a language you’ve always wanted to learn. With 20-40 hour workweeks for durations of 4-16 weeks, you can participate alongside your semester. You were able to choose a start date that worked with your schedule, not against it. Life is good. 

The Goods

After classes, you settle into a comfy spot with your laptop and begin working on your project. All of the internships at Absolute Internship are project based, so you begin to complete yours with your team. According to the top 3 skills in demand for employers today are: agility, flexibility, and adaptability. By gaining experience working remotely from the get-go, you prove to future employers you have the skills needed to “make it work”. Working with other cultures demands adaptability as differences in language and customs can add an additional challenge to one’s work life. This will only further develop an individual’s ability, flexibility, and adaptability. 

The fourth most desired skill in 2022 by employers according to Forbes is modern communication. By communicating remotely with people all over the globe in your internship, you sharpen and hone this skill, making you irresistible to employers. Your ability to communicate in the digital space is a skill that is sure to only become more in demand. Communicating cross-culturally is also a highly valued trait, and by working on your project with your team, you’re developing this skill every day. 

You also have been taking advantage of the many inclusions Absolute Internship includes for its interns. For one, today you get to check in with your internship supervisor and chat about your experience. It turns out, she has tons of connections in your industry, and would love to connect you someday. After your check in, you access the language training platform provided by Absolute Internship to take a few lessons in the language of the country you are working remotely for. This has brought lots of confidence for you as you navigate more conversations in this language. You can now add this as “business fluent” to your resume. You can do all of these things from the comfort of your apartment.

Remote international internships have truly allowed you the freedom to gain experience and knowledge in order to be a true asset to the workforce. 

Growing Your Network

After working on your language development skills, you decide it’s time to access another one of Absolute Internships’ many benefits and inclusions: customized 1:1 coaching sessions, and career development workshops. After chatting with an expert in your field they recommend to you a workshop you can complete on the platform. You make use of The Absolute Academy, a resource library specific to your remote internship. Here you take a few courses to go above and beyond drawing your internship. You decide to take a  business and cultural etiquette training and pick up skills you wouldn’t have otherwise learned. 

With graduation looming on the horizon, you decide to join the Remote Interns Association LinkedIn Group provided by Absolute Internship. Here you discover many alumnus with jobs in your field who are willing to chat and help you learn more. You send a few messages and set up meetings with them next week. Your future looks bright, and you are so grateful you chose to embark on the journey that your remote internship laid out for you. 

You’ll leave this internship with a full network, experience, and new language all as by products of the internship you were able to do from your computer during your semester. You’re given a certificate of International Internship Completion that you add to your LinkedIn and attract the eyes of all kinds of recruiters looking for someone with those top 3 Forbes skills. You’re on your way!

Read all about alumni experiences with the program here.

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