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Reflect, reflect, reflect

Reflect, reflect, reflect

Time really flies! One more week, I will be flying back to my hot and humid homeland, and I am really really looking forward to it! I have already been working at my firm for more than 2 weeks, and have got a general grasp on how this company does business, the company structure, and what are each person’s responsibilities. Since my first day stepping foot in this office, I would say that I have picked up some skills along the way, and have also got to know more about myself along the working process.

I realized that I enjoy working in the “real world”, although it is more challenging, as compared to studying. You are constantly faced with obstacles that you MUST absolutely solve head on, instead of pushing it aside when you don’t feel like facing it; because you might lose a lot of money just by avoiding it. These aspects really put you on the spot, and train your problem solving skills.

Another difference I realized when you are working in the real world — you really have to have good discipline and time management skills. Working in a marketing company, there might be a period where there are loads of projects assigned to you; and sometimes, you will be so free that you will be sitting in your small office cubicle, staring into space, thinking about your life and your future. What I am trying to say is, you will be really busy at one time, and really free the next. So, it is good to have good time management skills, and know how to prioritize when you are busy, and to put the less important work into your ‘free’ period, in order to get a healthy and balanced work life.

Another thing I realized about working in a 9 to 6pm job — it is really unhealthy. It also depends on the nature of tasks being assigned to me by my supervisor. I am lucky that some days, I get to walk about and do my work outside office—for instance, photo shooting, doing retail check, and going to other places for meetings. However, I noticed most of my co-workers were being assigned to tasks that require them to stare at their desktops for more than 8 hours. Some of the committed people do not even take rests in between their tasks, and continuously strain their necks and eyes in front of the computers. Besides, we are just breathing stale air from the air conditioner in the office, which is bad for our health. Well, I would say that this is the main aspect that puts me off to a 9 – 6pm job.

I would also like to mention about the Career Speaker Events organized by Absolute Internship. I thought that this event was really helpful for my future career aspirations. From one of the career speaker’s talk, I got to know more about how to market products in China, and the way Chinese consumers think. Lastly, I am glad that I was able to experience this internship; it provided me a deeper understanding about my likes and dislikes. On the whole, I prefer work life, as compared to studying—work life still comprises of learning, but you can also apply the theory you have learnt to real life.

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