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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Internship Programs

Online Internship from home

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Internship Programs

1. The Globe’s Turned…well…Global

For lack of a better way to say it, the working world has dramatically moved away from its stationary past to a mobile, remote-focused work world. If you don’t have any experience working remotely, you’ve put yourself at a disadvantage. There is no better way to experience remote work than an online internship.

According to Shop Savi’s remote work statistics: By 2025, 22% of individuals (that is 36.2 million Americans) will work remotely. The site also reports that “85% of employers believe that remote work will become a new rule”.  As the world continues to change and shift toward a new work world, join the wave of remote work and gain the skills and experiences necessary to help yourself stand out against your peers.


2. Online Work Experience

Suddenly, at your fingertips exists a wide variety of opportunities. Which will you try? Gain experience in the career of your dreams- straight from your bedroom! The places you can intern at have expanded exponentially from only applying to those local to you. Now you can try your hand at that company of your dreams! There is so much competition in the job market today, and having experience working remotely can help you get a leg up on your peers. While it may sound counterintuitive, it also allows you to reach out to more people as you aren’t confined to one spot within the company.

Taking advantage of an online internship to network can be an excellent way to make the most of your experience. Try setting up one-on-ones with people in your company whose roles interest you. You’ll never know what doors meeting these people can open! In the best-case scenario, maybe they’ll even extend you an offer post-graduation. Either way, gaining experience in an online internship will only set you up for better success.


Online internship from Anywhere


3. Time Saved/Convenience

There’s no denying how convenient working from home is. Not only does it allow you to get back more of your day, but it also detaches you from one spot, allowing you to work on the go and take your laptop wherever you please. You don’t have to worry about commuting, or being tied down to a set work schedule. According to research done by, 49.6 minutes on average are saved a day from those working remotely versus those working in the office. With almost an entire hour gained back, it’s a no-brainer how remote work will save you time.

If you are choosing how to spend your summer, an online internship can be a great way to truly make the most of the summer while gaining valuable experience in the field of your choice. As long as the internship agrees, you can even take your work with you as you travel this summer! As long as you have a stable internet connection and a laptop, there’s nothing stopping you from making the most of both work and summer, simultaneously. 


4. Skills Developed in Your Online Internship

According to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report, employers rated critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, and self-management as the most critical skills for the global workforce moving into 2025. Self-management, specifically, is a fabulous skill to develop remotely, as online internships require you to master your time and stay focused without your employer’s eyes and proximity keeps you focused. This is a vital skill to learn early, and one you will absolutely develop with an online internship. Learning early on, how you best stay motivated and focused when plagued with the distraction of working at home, will only benefit you as you continue down whichever career path you choose, as you will have already had practice with it. 


Your online internship


5. It Lets YOU Focus on YOU

With the hubbub of modern office life, often working in person can be full of drama, distractions, and socialization. Online interning allows you to cut out all the extra noise and truly focus on your work. Do you like what you’re doing? What are you learning? How could you improve? All these things can be vital in truly growing during your internship, and bettering yourself as an employee. It also allows you to take better control of your time and schedule, as well as allowing you to create your version of work-life balance.

Gaining this experience early on in your career will allow you to not get as burnt out as your peers, resulting in better work and a clearer head. Online internships allow for an excellent amount of reflection and focus on growth-as long as you remember not to get distracted by stimuli at home!


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