Ready for Shanghai

Ready for Shanghai

My name is Ai Sakura and I am presently studying Finance at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. I was born in Japan and spent most of my childhood there. From high school, I decided to go overseas to study in Michigan, USA. My wish was to become fully bilingual and I knew that I could only become a true bilingual if I had the experience of living in both countries. Along my journey from Japan to the USA, and then off to Canada for university, I realized I enjoyed living in a fast-paced and culturally diverse society. Therefore, I am heading to Shanghai this summer because it is known as being an amazingly fast-paced city with endless opportunities. This is exactly what I desire as a start to my business career.




I strongly believe that my internship experience in Shanghai will leave me with a greater understanding of the Chinese culture. Because China is already a global economic powerhouse, building connections within China as well as observing first-hand how the economy works and how Chinese people conduct businesses and meetings is essential to my future success. In addition, I am looking forward to learning Chinese as my third language. (I am already learning Chinese words everyday so I am excited to put them in practice. I really hope people there understand what I am trying to say!)



Absolute Internship provides opportunities that many students may not find on their own. For example, there are weekend activities, night events, as well as career-related lectures given by business professionals. Thanks to absolute internship, I am sure I will be an active intern this summer.

This summer for my intern, I will be placed in a brokerage firm. I am happy to be part of the program and a support for other students, too. It is relieving to know that there are other interns from different countries flying to Shanghai and that I am not the only one adjusting to the dynamics of the city.

I’d like to thank Absolute Internship for the amazing experience I am expecting to have.

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