Race against myself to see every tourist attraction

Race against myself to see every tourist attraction

When I arrived in London I was worried that I would spend every weekend in a race against myself to see every tourist attraction and major city in my reach. In eight short weeks I had made a promise that I wouldn’t spend any weekend of them sleeping in until the late afternoon in my bed. Luckily I had a little help from the program and all of my peers.
The first weekend after work I spent taking a spin on the London eye, taking a day trip to Cambridge, and even trying some classic British afternoon tea. Experiencing something as iconic as the view from the London eye as well as branching outside of the city to see a university filled with students just like me was a wonderful way to get introduced to the breadth of culture that England provides.

british teaThe next weekend is my favourite so far, a weekend trip to Brussels. It is amazing to me that I can get on a train in Kings Cross station, take a nap because it was so ridiculously early, and wake up in a different country! If I took a similar train at home, I would still be in the same state. On a walking tour led by our program coordinator we were able to see all of the famous landmarks and still hit a bar to watch Belgium play in the Euros as well as take down a waffle or two. After consuming copious amounts of fries, and waffles it was time to roll myself back onto the train and back to London.
After a week spent on a personal trip to Disneyland Paris, I was able to go on a day trip with all of the interns to Stonehenge and Bath. Seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World felt just as wonderful as the name might imply. We only had an hour to appreciate the plethora of rocks, but I there was more than enough time to see every angle and listen to every track on the audio guide. After a reasonable bus ride we had made it into the city of Bath which was breath-taking. The Roman architecture and lush gardens was a sight for sore eyes. Taking a tour through the Roman baths themselves was inspiring. I really felt I was seeing into the lives of an ancient people. The day was long but absolutely worth to be able to see so many incredible icons.

I only have a few weekends left, but I know spent with all the friends I’ve made while interning they will not be wasted. Getting to see a greater portion of England and Europe has really widened my perspective on the beauty of cultures and lifestyles across the globe.

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