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The Power of a Remote PR Internship

Remote PR internship

The Power of a Remote PR Internship

Hello everyone! I am Karen Kwok, a journalism graduate of Hong Kong Baptist University. Thanks to Absolute Internship, I am now working at Energize Media, a Public Relations firm in Lisbon. Joining the remote PR internship program has been an extremely fruitful experience in my life and this article will tell you more about my internship!


“The power of remote internships definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. The remote internship allows me to be more flexible and adaptable in time management.” – Karen Kwok



My host company


The company I interned for, Energize Media, is an International Public Relations and Media Management firm led by British-trained journalists. They are specialists in Renewable Energy, Cleantech, Sustainability and Climate Action. The headquarters is located in Lisbon, Portugal, with team members across Europe, North America and Asia. Their mission and activism within sustainability is something that I really resonate with and one of the reasons I’m so passionate about my work. 


Exploring a new industry


Public Relations was a new field for me to explore! I was a journalism student at college, and I used to work in different news organizations. Luckily, my journalism skills have definitely come in handy and have been transferrable throughout my remote PR internship. As a news editor I am responsible for sourcing news stories and publishing them every weekday. During this experience, my news sense and writing skills have enhanced, and it has also allowed me to study more about renewable energy. 


Remote PR internship


Benefits of a remote internship


As a remote intern, I can quickly contact my supervisor online and have regular face-to-face meetings through video calls, thanks to technology. My supervisor is very friendly and always willing to teach me. His support and guidance have pushed me to keep going and I have learnt a lot of things from him. 


One thing I truly want to emphasize is that my remote PR internship experience is in no way inferior to an in person internship. The power of remote internships definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. The remote internship allows me to be more flexible and adaptable in time management. The environment is also entirely under my control. Discipline is a critical element in the remote style since no one will urge you to finish a task except yourself. 


My Support System


A robust support system is needed during the internship. Absolute Internship played the perfect backup role for me during the internship. As you can imagine, I was nervous before I started! Fortunately, Absolute Internship gave me several very useful briefings, allowing me to know what will happen in the future. They also acted as a support system for me, listening to any concerns and suggesting solutions as well as organizing 1 to 1 check-ins throughout the internship. 


What I learnt and how I will use it in the future



During my internship, I learnt how to work within different countries, cultures and backgrounds. It takes time to get used to, and I ensure all the interns, including me, will learn from this authentic experience. The opportunity to hone your cross cultural business skills is one of my key takeaways form my experience. I have decided to continue my internship journey with Energize Media and I hope to continue strengthening my skills and adding value to the company. I really feel this experience will broaden my horizons and this experience has been unforgettable and life-changing.  My story has proven the power of a remote PR internship!



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