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Polistas Gear

Polistas Gear

Just wanted to give a big thank you to the Polistas crew!! Been interning here for a month now, and they have fully equipped me out with some Authentic Polistas clothing! They let me have my choice of 2 polos… one I could pick the official polo kit for any team I wanted which include Abu Dhabi, Kuwaiti, St. Tropez, London, Britain, Paris, New York (just to name a few). I chose Qatar because i liked the burgundy colour. Also came in white but I thought that would be near impossible to keep clean.. ha! Then they let me choose an official Polistas polo.. and I picked purple (no brainer purple is my favourite colour). Both run for £120 each. I was also allowed to take an Argentina Gaucho Belt which runs for  £80 pounds.. and I also got a pair of socks!

If your interested in any Polo gear come check us out… 19 Sheperds Market. Victoria Line to Green Park is probably the fastest they carry everything from jackets to vests, polo shirts, dress shirts and windbreakers!!

Thanks again team!!

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