Passport to a New Adventure

Passport to a New Adventure

Hello. My name is Peter Myers. I am from Houston, Texas, and I am a junior at Iowa State University (ISU) majoring in finance. I am excited and looking forward to the opportunity to intern in the finance capital of the world this summer, Shanghai, China. My friend, AJ, introduced me to Absolute Internship as I viewed his pictures and social media posts from his experience interning in Shanghai last summer. I enjoy traveling the country with family & friends; I also have a large postcard collection from my travels and postcards that I have received. While I am leaving Tex-Mex fajitas and chips/salsa behind in Houston, I am excited to explore a new culture in China. Absolute Internship combines my interest in traveling the world with my desire to gain real-world experience in my area of study, finance.


Football Season at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa

Working at Pacific Asset Management will be my first internship experience…and this is my first time traveling outside of North America. As the days until departure are approaching and I am beginning to pack my suitcases, it is fair to say, I am also a little nervous. I am nervous that after only taking one finance class at ISU, I may not have the knowledge to be successful at my internship. I hope to enhance my classroom education through my investment banking internship. I also feel that I have been well prepared on what to expect about life in Shanghai through the Absolute Internship staff, my friend, AJ, the numerous travel books that I have read, and talking to my boss, Mr. Mesaros. When I spoke to Mr. Mesaros via Skype a few months ago, he was very open and honest with me about what I should expect from this internship. He assured me that I would receive adequate training of the finance skills needed to successfully complete the tasks assigned to me.

The travel books have also informed me about the Chinese culture and exploring all that China has to offer. While I am also nervous about being in a foreign country for over a month, I am glad that Absolute Internship provides numerous opportunities to explore the city and culture. The schedule of activities is extensive so I know that I will be busy between my internship, networking opportunities, and being a tourist in Shanghai.

I am excited for the opportunity to intern in Shanghai and gain real-world experience in finance. I look forward to sharing stories and pictures throughout my internship and travels in China (and add to my postcard collection).

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