What I do outside my China Internship

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What I do outside my China Internship

Time is flying by the past couple of weeks, I just finished my 5th week of our internship already and there are still so much sites I want to visit. During the week I haven’t done as much as I thought I would do, so the weekends are getting busier each week.

intern in chinaWeekend-trips

During the weekend we’ve visited Nanjing with Absolute Internship. We left early from Shanghai station with the high speed train, which would take is within 1.5 hours to Nanjing. Once there we met our English speaking guide who took us to the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Dr. Sun Yat-sen was a big pioneer of the Chinese democratic revolution. The road to the mausoleum was really beautiful, with lots of nature, however due to the sun shining and the warm temperatures it took a long time to climb all those stairs to the mausoleum. It was totally worth it though, on top of the stairs you could really look far away and you did not realize at all that this was in a big city as Nanjing.

During the weekend we visited several other locations like museums and a temple.

Career Speaker Series

We already have had some nice career speaker events; the most memorable was the one with IKEA. IKEA has sixteen stores in China at the moment. You might think that each store looks the same, just as the stores in Europe. However, in each city there is a different kind of layout for the store, this is due to the fact that each city has another way of living. The dwellings in some cities are longer and smaller, why in other cities it will be the opposite. So you have to adjust to the needs of the clients in every city. In just a few years IKEA want to double their stores, because they see the need for a bigger market. In the beginning the Chinese were a bit skeptical about buying furniture and putting it together at home by themselves, but in the end they got used to the idea.

china internshipDay-trips

The first daytrip was to Suzhou, early in the morning we departed from our hotel with a bus to the city. The weather was not all to best, but it didn’t spoil our day. Once in Suzhou we visited several locations, of which the Couples Retrait and a traditional street. The Couples Retrait was a beautiful garden with old buildings, and was located near the old city wall.

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