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Opportunities to Explore in Lisbon as an International Student

Opportunities in Lisbon

Opportunities to Explore in Lisbon as an International Student

Lisbon is home to many internationals who want to explore a better education system, and not just this, the Portuguese capital remains one of the best places to explore business opportunities. Lisbon’s active lifestyle and accessible costs of living makes it a top choice of stay for many international students. Lisbon has a diverse education system (for both undergraduate and postgraduates), regardless of the field of study. With hundreds of research centres, thousands of researchers, three science and tech parks and several startup incubators, the attractive Portuguese capital is home to many internship opportunities for international students. In fact, several international students who have explored the city of Lisbon after their graduation now have top roles in major corporations.


Opportunities in Lisbon


Why is Lisbon a business-oriented city?


As a business-oriented city with high income, Lisbon contributes to the country’s developed and high income with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of 77 percent of the EU28 average about five years ago. The country also had a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.843 in 2016 (the 41st highest). However, Lisbon has greatly contributed to these figures in the past years and will continue to make it one of the best cities in the country for international students.


For international students considering a Summer Internship in Lisbon, the city has many opportunities for you. Being one of the fastest-growing innovation hubs across Europe, Lisbon hosted the Web Summit conference that comes up once a year. The conference lasted three days where giant tech companies across the globe, including entrepreneurs, came together with innovative ideas for the future. Therefore, besides your lecture days, the always-active city has many opportunities for Lisbon Internships. Thankfully, most locals in this environment are fluent in English! Here are some opportunities in Lisbon that you can explore as an international student.


Opportunities in Lisbon


  1. Paper Prototyping Business

During your off-lecture days as an international student, this is one of the best opportunities in Lisbon that you can explore, and without doubt, this will thrive. Paper Prototyping is popularly employed in the user-centered design process. This, however, helps in the creation of software by developers, matching what the users expect and demand.


  1. Advertising Agency

Thanks to the introduction of the internet, advertising has become much easier. Different agencies develop advertising campaigns for use on the radio, papers, magazines, internet, and lots more. You may choose to join an agency to help with adverts placement to get information or ads circulated.


  1. Outsite Cowork Cafe

Within the heart of Lisbon is located Outsite Cowork Cafe. It is dedicated to people, including students seeking to work remotely or do internships. The cafe is dedicated to workers who want to work collaboratively. The cafe provides you with hot desk call space, including a conference room to enjoy a very cool atmosphere. The amazing thing about it is free WiFi and a vegan-friendly environment. No better place to spend some of your remote/hybrid internship experience.


  1. Sustainability Internships

If you have got what it takes to manage, support products and services, or even the company’s efforts, Lisbon is the right place for you. Working as a sustainability intern may require your services in multiple aspects, such as the identification of major sustainability trends as well as innovations that can be helpful for the company. Check out sustainability internship opportunities in Lisbon here.


  1. Freelancing

It is no news that remote jobs have taken over, and Lisbon has been one of the top places where you can execute your freelancing experience. If you are a writer, data analyst, web designer, and more, Lisbon has many places to absorb you throughout your internship program. Even from the corner of your home, you can sell your services to different agencies who need them for their businesses.


  1. Virtual Assisting

Virtual Assisting is one of the fastest-growing sectors you can imagine at the moment. If you consider this in Lisbon as a Digital Nomad, the city has various groups to join on Facebook. Some of these groups include Digital Nomads PT and Lisbon Digital Nomads. Connecting to any of these groups will make exploring part-time VA jobs in the city easier.


Apart from the above opportunities waiting for international students, several other ones can get you busy too. Moreover, Lisbon is a great place to go with beautiful landscapes, friendly weather and amazing people.


Opportunities in Lisbon


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