Your Easy Guide to Applying for Online Internships

Your Easy Guide to Applying for Online Internships

Interested in online internships? No worries, we’ve got you!

Online internships are steadily growing more popular among students. Like corporate offices that have transitioned into hybrid or remote setups, internships have also taken the virtual route! This provides more opportunities for students to learn about their chosen industry, especially those who live farther from big cities or from their chosen company.

Wondering why an online internship would be a good opportunity for you?

Why take an online internship

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices saw a transition to online means of operations. Teams struggled to find their footing, trying to navigate the ins and outs of remote work. Luckily, people managed to find a way to make things work over time! Soon, most office operations transitioned into online means, even now that things are back to normal.

(Did you know? A reported 51% of employers support a hybrid work model!)

Internships aren’t excluded from that transition, either – as offices migrated to the online world, their internship programs eventually did, too. This new form of online internships has shown quite a few advantages for students in contrast to traditional, on-site setups!

Not only do online internships offer the flexibility of working remotely, but also allow the students more time to focus on their studies and activities. Instead of leaving the house or school to work in an office, interns can complete their work from the library, at school, at home, or while traveling! Students who also have other extracurricular activities are also afforded more flexibility to pursue their activities, as well.

Additionally, online internships also decrease transportation or living expenses for students who have to travel to their internship. There’s less of a need to spend on gas money, rent, food, utilities, or other costs associated with going to the city for an internship! Instead of going to an office daily, students can immerse themselves in work from the comfort of their homes, and according to their schedules.

Of course, an online internship also helps students improve their credentials, which is a major advantage for students. If you’re a high school student looking to buff up your portfolio for university admissions and scholarships, an internship is a great way to do it. But if you’re in university and hoping to find a good job opportunity, an internship is definitely even greater of a help: over 70% of interns find job offers from their respective employers!

Looking for an online internship

Finding an online internship can be challenging – some websites have quite a few listed on them, and your own local businesses are good places to search for some opportunities, too. But for bigger companies or better placements, internship companies are good choices, as well!

Internship companies can help you find an internship in a company that aligns with your goals and interests, as well as make sure that you get the most out of your internship opportunity. A common challenge with online internships is that they’re not as value-adding as an in-person internship would be – but working with an internship company can help you ensure that you find a good quality internship! Less worries about doing things that aren’t actually related to your goals. Depending on what your needs are and what you like, it can take some time and effort to find the right one for you.

How to apply for an online internship

When applying for an online internship, you’ll need to be prepared for a few things. You have to get your credentials ready, expect some interviews, and learn how to manage your time better. If you’re planning on applying for your own online internships, be prepared!

Here are some key points you’ll want to keep in mind:

Prepare your credentials

Before applying for an online internship, one thing you’ll want to have on hand is a document of your credentials. For job applicants, this will be a resumé; but for interns, this will typically be a CV, or a curriculum vitae. If you’re wondering what the difference between the two is, it’s actually pretty simple – a resumé is more focused on work experience and relevant skills, while a CV is a rundown of your academic history.

Since most interns are students, it’s easy to understand why an online internship would require you to submit your CV rather than a resumé. Some of the things you’ll want to include in yours would be a section on contact information (just e-mail and number, don’t put your address!), your education, and your skills. You can also add your extracurricular activities! If you already have previous experience interning or working, you can include that as well.

Some openings also require you to prepare a cover letter, which is typically a one-page paper that explains why you’re interested in the position, and what makes you the right candidate for it. If you need to write a cover letter, you should keep it short, sweet, and to the point. No need to write a whole essay, you just have to answer succinctly!

Get ready for an interview

Once you’ve submitted your credentials, you can expect to hear back through e-mail or a call. Some offices might send you snail mail, but in the interest of time, most correspondence will likely be electronic. If the organization you’re applying to sees a good fit, they’ll likely schedule an interview with you.

To prepare for an interview, the first thing you’ll want to do is some research. Online internships might seem less intimidating than in-person ones, but it’s still important to do your homework and come prepared!

Before going into the interview, make sure you review the job description – it’s important that you know what’s expected of you and what they want you to accomplish as an intern. You should also do some research about the company, its mission and vision, its goals, and any notable news that you might want to bring up or ask questions about during the interview. It’s also likely that you will be asked about what you know about the company and industry, too!

The company will also ask about your experiences. Make sure to be honest! It’s important that you be realistic but positive about what you’re expecting, and show some eagerness about what you can contribute. If you can, ask questions as well! Here are a few you might want to consider asking:

  • What will work hours look like for me?
  • What communication practices and platforms do you use inside the company?
  • Will my manager be helping me set goals and keep track of my progress?
  • What skills are you expecting me to learn during my time as an intern?
  • Will I be expected to go into the office or to office functions at any time?
  • How does the company live out its values on a daily basis?
  • Are there other interns in the company?

These are just a few of the questions that applicants for online internships usually ask. If you have some of your own, make sure to ask them!

Stay focused and balanced

If you’ve already gotten through the credential submission process and the interviews, then all that’s left for you to do is to manage your focus!

Some internship screening processes can take up to weeks or even months, depending on the program you’re applying for. There are some programs that are busier or in higher demand. So you’ll have to find something productive to do rather than twiddle your thumbs while waiting.

If you find yourself receiving a rejection letter, remember that it’s normal: again, online internships are growing more and more in popularity, so things can get pretty competitive. The key is to remember to not take things personally – sometimes, business is just business. Just because one company didn’t choose your application doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good candidate… it just means that you need to find the right fit! You can take your time and try again.

However, if you do luckily find yourself on the receiving end of some good news, then you better prepare! An online internship can be challenging, but well worth it. Check out these tips that are sure to help you balance your time and focus while pursuing your internship.

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