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A Day In The Life Of A High School Online Intern

High School Online Internship

A Day In The Life Of A High School Online Intern

Wake up, look outside, and smell the roses. 

You have nowhere to rush off to. That’s right, because you’re doing an online internship for students. You’re bettering your career right from your bedroom in your hometown. The experience gained is going to allow you to stand out in your future while also gaining the relevant skills needed for your field. You have no need to get ready quickly, because you chose to intern for the company of your dreams right here from your laptop. There was no need to move to a big city for the summer and spend tons of money on rent and commutes. You choose an outfit that makes you feel good and is comfortable. You have a slow morning, allowing yourself to wake up naturally and truly start your day well. You have a great relationship with work and are enjoying trying out a new career field this summer. 

Life is good. 

First things first…coffee. 

Maybe you start your workday walking to the neighborhood café where you get a coffee and a spot at a nice table near the window. From here, you set yourself as active on Slack and begin making a task list for the day on Notion. Then you might begin completing that list. Your computer has everything you could possibly need to complete your work, and you feel connected to your coworkers through Slack and Google Meet. There is nothing you are missing in order to successfully complete the work you need to. You are learning about your industry through projects that you have no issue completing, away from your employer’s watchful eye. Maybe today you have a meeting or two, which you can do perfectly fine and easily from the coffee shop. You are peacefully working, while also getting to hang out outdoors or in a public place with other remote workers. 

This is peace. 

Now lunch!

You walk home to meet a friend who is also completing an online internship for students. Together you eat lunch and chat about how nice it is to be working remotely. You take the full lunch, as working remotely has only reinforced that work/life balance is critical in efficient and productive work days. After lunch you decide to continue working together outside, enjoying the weather and each other’s company while also working diligently. In the afternoon you continue to have meetings and also complete your daily tasks. You take breaks to stretch, go on a walk, and even to throw a quick load of laundry in the wash. You’ve learned that breaks are necessary for you to be able to be as productive as possible, so being able to do light exercise during your day is very appreciated. Some days you even take a midday break to go for a run!

You have more control over your time, while also completing a full day’s work. 

Sail Off Into The Sunset

As the day winds to a close you finish up your tasks, set yourself to away on Slack and close your laptop, breathing a deep, satisfied sigh. You realize you completed another day of your online internship for students, and you’ve gained experience and skills. You say goodbye to your friend, realizing that you found a way to combine hanging out with a friend, and working. You make dinner, spend your evening however you please, and prepare for an excellent night’s sleep. You aren’t dreading working tomorrow, but rather you look forward to it. You aren’t so stressed and exhausted from your long day at the office and commuting, so you’re able to stay up a bit to read your book. You feel relaxed, healthy, and calm. 

While working an online internship for students won’t always look this good, it absolutely can.

Online internships can allow you to prioritize your health while not sacrificing experience and skill building. Nothing is ever perfect, and some days look less perfect and a bit more chaotic, but overall working an online internship for students can add a well deserved layer of peace to your life. As we move toward remote work as a culture, an online internship will allow a student to learn how they can gain skills to better allow them to focus and take advantage of the gift that is remote work. So long as they do it the right way, remote work can expand a workers ability to socialize with family and friends as well as their community, while continuing to create and produce quality work. .

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