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Things end but we have to move on…

Things end but we have to move on…

The time flies so fast. I still remember my first day when I was so scared of the unknown. I came to China, to the powerful country with economy growing in the rate as any other country, and my purpose was to challenge my financial university knowledge while working for small investment bank in Shanghai. Upon the completion of this internship I have to say that it was definitely a great experience and I would recommend everybody to stand out of the crowd of your friends, and do something different, something that not everybody is brave to do. I believe that this step will help me in my future. I stepped out of my comfort zone, came first time in my life to Asia, experienced a language shock when I noticed that hardly anybody spoke English, and after all I successfully completed the internship program. Not only the aspect of the career development was a great experience, but also the culture and sightseeing part. I could see so many of the wonderful places learn about different religions and try a variety of regional food. Now when the internship is over it is the time to move on, to take what I have learnt with me and carry on my education.

But before that when I start my school year in Honk Kong I still have one month to go. So…. It is time for even more travelling. I am leaving Shanghai on August 4th. I am taking train first time in China and heading up north to Beijing. One week there and then moving towards west to Datong. 3 days there then Xian for 4 days and Luoyang for last 3 days. August 23rd I am coming back to Shanghai for one more week to enjoy this amazing, vibrant city. So, this is my plan.


At the end I would like to say thank you to the Absolute Internship for this great opportunity, chance to meet amazing friends and spend the best summer of my life!


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