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Olympic Countdown

Olympic Countdown

Only a matter of time now!!! Only 9 days to go until the London 2012 Olympic games.. you can really feel the city buzzing now! Athletes are around on the trains in their tracksuits, everyone is going to get there tickets for the games, and of course… the trains are PACKED! They are predicting it will take people twice as long to get to work/get around the city compared to normal so it’s times like this that I’m glad I don’t work very far.


I went to Stratford today to grab my tickets for.. you guessed it.. BEACH VOLLEYBALL! I would have loved to check out a few events but being on a budget.. I had to choose 1. Tickets were pretty reasonably priced too I thought only 50 pounds and I get 4 matches. I think it’s 2 woman’s and 2 mens.. I totally forgot to even check which countries are playing but maybe i’ll just wait and surprise myself!


Stratford, where a lot of the events are taking place (Olympic Stadium) is really buzzing too! When I walked into the park to  go to the ticket box office, I really got goosebumps! Seeing the stadiums and big adverts and so many people are around I love being in the centre of everything… EXCITING!!!

Tomorrow is also an exciting day for me and my best friend David Smith gets here all the way from Vancouver! He came for the Olympics.. HUGE sports fan so it will be good to have a close friend share all the amazing experiences as me!

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