Ocean Park

Ocean Park

This Saturday we went to one of Hong Kong’s most famous attractions: the Ocean Park.
No it is not a water park, but more like an amusement park, aquarium and a small zoo! So as soon as we arrived we took the cable car (stunning views) to the other side of the park, where the amusement park is. Hong Kong Weekend ActivitesIt was such a hot sunny day so we decided to go first to the splashing ride river! It was loads of fun and quite refreshing as well! Then most of my colleagues went to the loop roller coaster, but as I get the vertigo, I just decided to pass on that! Later we got a train back to the other side of the park where I could see the pandas, alligators and turtles. Then we moved to the Seahorse World and I have never seen such a thing! I didn’t even know there were so many varieties of seahorses in the world!

After that we entered their grand aquarium and….oh WOW! It was impressive by its size and variety! It was magical to be inside there and see immense sharks, fish and other sea creatures!

And if this wasn’t enough, we  got to see the park’s closing show which combined water dances, lights, water on flames and fireworks! Mesmerizing! I truly appreciated that day!

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