Next Stop London!

Next Stop London!

Who would have thought after graduating university, I’d be jet setting to the other side of the world to work in an amazing city and gaining invaluable experience. Next stop London!

My name is Hayley Shotton and I am a Business Graduate – Majoring in Marketing and minor in Human Resources from Latrobe University in Bendigo, Australia. Whilst living and studying in regional victoria, it is very competitive to find a job after finishing university. Now days it’s not what you know but who you know… However if you can set yourself apart and have an “edge” over others in your field of work, who you know doesn’t matter. This is what I hope you achieve through my Marketing / Advertising Internship in London, as well as using my knowledge from my University degree and work place experience.

Marketing and University aside – I also have a love and passion for travel, photography and music. When I was 16 I travelled to the UK & Europe (Austria & Italy) on Youth Exchange for 8 weeks, which I absolutely loved. So deciding to complete my internship in London was a no brainer. Getting the chance to live and work in a city that has a constant buzz, picturesque landscapes, as well as being one of the most influential and business hubs of the world – It will truly offer an invaluable and unique experience. Whilst being both excited and nervous as anything! I hope to be pleasantly surprised with the difference in culture and atmosphere of the amazing city.



Despite the opportunity of live in an energetic and lively city, I have a few expectations on what to expect about the whole experience:

  • Hit the ground running

With no time to spare and jumping straight into work, the first few days’ will involve little sleep and I will have to adjust to the 9-hour time difference in a very short time. There’s no time for adjusting, you’re in a new exciting environment, why waste it by sleeping?

Throughout my 2-months abroad, I am approaching every opportunity with an open mind and saying YES to never missing an experience.

  • It will be a challenge

Entering into a whole new environment or country for the matter will be a challenge at the start. Yes they may speak the same language, however accents can make it difficult understand some times. The transport may be confusing at the start, but I will learn to get myself around. I have however been living out of home for the past 3½ years and have become very independent in the way of living and not relying on family as much.

  • Experience of a lifetime

Its not often you get given the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world, live in an exciting city or get an incredible internship all in one. Working abroad will be a memory and lesson in itself; but I hope to also take this away from the overall experience as well.
I am so grateful to Absolute Internships for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime and will not waste a second of it.

Stay updated on my regular experiences, travels and over indulgence of photography during my internship, visit my personal blog;

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