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My goal for this trip will be simple, “be all you can be”

My goal for this trip will be simple, “be all you can be”

For the past month I have been trapped in the library studying away for my end of year exams, and if that wasn’t hard enough, the excitement of leaving little old Perth to see Shanghai first hand was buzzing inside of me.

My name is Chris Steenson and I am from New Zealand. I am currently studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Law at the University of Western Australia, in Perth, Australia. I am halfway through my 6-year degree, having just completed my third year. At this point in my degree there has been very little hands on experience, rather the focus being on the law in Australia itself. This is why I have chosen to embark on a journey with Absolute Internship to Shanghai, China.

I expect this opportunity will present various challenges and experiences of which I will have to adapt and work through. These experiences not only include a new practical focus to my studies but will also include witnessing a whole new culture. Having travelled much of the world, I have only witnessed the “tourist” aspect to each city. I am excited to immerse myself in the Chinese culture and reap much of what Shanghai has to offer. Coming from a relatively small city of just over one million people, and a country with merely 22 million people, I am excited to witness the population of Shanghai at 24 million in action. The shear size will be truly amazing.

Traveling the world I have come to experience various foods, from the juicy steaks of Argentina, to the famous Paella of Spain, however I have not experienced true Chinese food, and expect it to be vastly different from my local “Chinese” take away. I hope to experience much of what Shanghai has to offer in its own cuisine.

My goal for this trip will be simple, as a friend told me, “be all you can be”. Along with this, do all that you can do. I will grasp every moment and seek out every opportunity. Opportunities like these don’t come all to often, especially when you are at the age that you can grasp them without any hindrances. I shall therefore attempt to do all I can do, and be all I can be, and truly experience this once in a lifetime journey.

Having said that I am sure that there will be trials and tribulations in which I will have to use my knowledge and support from office team to get through. An obvious hurdle will be the communication barrier. I only hope that hard work and fast learning will assist me in overcoming this, and truly be of value to my hosts.

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