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My First Date with Shanghai

My First Date with Shanghai

I started my journey for one of the most enchanting summer in Shanghai from London Heathrow. I was brimming with excitement and when I reached Shanghai after long twelve hours flight I was still very energetic to enjoy my first encounter with one of the most amazing city in the world. Daniel and Angelika the Program Coordinators were at the airport to meet up with us.

I was very glad to see my accommodation; it has all the necessary furniture and equipments to spend two months in a luxurious way. I attended the welcome dinner where we had some of the best Chinese cuisines. I was happy to see the directors of the Absolute Internship Fredrik and Aurelie at the dinner with all interns. They were as excited as us to provide the best experience in shanghai.
Next day, I attended the orientation event, where the Directors and Coordinators explained about the Chinese business ethics. The session provided us with the rare and meaningful insight about the Chinese business environment.

It was interesting to see some of the interns from the last year as a coordinators this year. This provided us with the very friendly help because they experienced exactly same what I am going through while integrating in Shanghai. This is very rare service provided by any company, which makes Absolute Internship one the best company to intern with.
We went to city tour after the orientation session and I was shocked to see the product differentiation in supermarket like Tesco. I was so excited to try whole new level of food and culture out of my comfort zone.

I like to explore places on my own therefore I took the risk of exploring city on the first day without even knowing the single word of Chinese. I was very happy to experience the friendly behavior of local people even though they couldn’t speak a single word of English but they tried their best to explain my queries in their own ways.
Later on all the interns decided to go out and enjoy the night life of Shanghai, the clubbing is very different from what we experience in western world. It gave us the opportunity to get to know different culture and at the same time mix up with the other Shanghai interns.

The first weekend got over so quickly and I am so excited to experience my first day at work and all the upcoming events. Follow my post to read my further experience and if you have any questions you can leave your comment in the box below.

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