Madrid is so much fun!

activities in madrid

Madrid is so much fun!

We have done many things as a group that have been amazing!

The first weekend we were in Madrid, we had a bus tour of the city. We got a glimpse of everything the city has to offer which was a great opening to the trip in Madrid. The sights we had the opportunity to see were: Plaza Mayor, Palacio Real, Parque de El Retiro , and Puerta del Sol.

madrid showWe went to the famous Flamenco dance show one night! At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was amazing how the dancers can move their bodies. There was a singer and a guitar player who accompanied the act. When you put everything together we saw how cool the Spanish dance can be. With our visit, we got our option of sangria or beer which was delicious.
We spent a few hours at the Reina Sofia Museum. This is where famous pieces of art are displayed. It was really eye opening to see the history all over the walls of this museum. There was also a trip planned to the Prado Museum which exhibits famous paintings by many artists.

One day we went for a picnic at the Berlin Park in Madrid. There were real pieces of the Berlin wall in a pond! It was surprising to see because none of us expected there would actually be pieces of history there. It was a super hot day but we all enjoyed to views of the park and the picnic with sandwiches, juice and fruit.

interns in spainIn addition to these activities, we have “afterwork drinks” planned every so often. We have visited Azotea Circulo de Bellas Artes. It had amazing views of the city and the drinks were good too. We all loved laying in these comfy areas while enjoying the sun. When sunset came along we all got such magnificent photos. Another time we went to a terrace called Gymage. It has a little pool and it was so nice! It was a warm day so we cooled down with strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas.

So far, we have visited Toledo, Valencia and Segovia. Each place is different but amazing in their own ways. We have Barcelona planned soon and I am already researching what we can do in that city. It is amazing to have the opportunity to sightsee cities that surround Madrid because it shows us more of what Spain has to offer.

madrid toledoHaving the opportunity to explore Spain, has been incredible! I have been able to experience more of Madrid by having activities that reflect the Spanish culture. I’m trying to think about what was my favourite activity but I simply cannot choose as they were each unique and amazing in their own ways!

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